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David McCallum, 'NCIS' and 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E' Star Dies Aged 90

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor David McCallum, who became a teen heartthrob in the hit series “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” in the 1960s and was the eccentric medical examiner in the popular “NCIS” 40 years later, has died. He was 90.

Report: U.S. Taxpayers Subsidizing Small Businesses in Ukraine, Including Designer Knitwear

While American taxpayers are battling inflation and struggling to make ends meet, their money is subsidizing small businesses in Ukraine.

NHS Nurse Who Killed Babies to be Retried on Further Case of Attempted Murder of 'Child K'

Neonatal nurse who was sentenced to life for the murder of seven babies will face a retrial on a charge of attempting to murder a newborn.

First U.S.-Made Abrams Tanks Have Arrived in Ukraine

Abrams battle tanks are now in Ukraine for the first time and are being prepared to "reinforce our brigades", Zelensky said on Monday. 

Film Legend Sophia Loren Undergoes Surgery After Fall at Home

Sept. 25 (UPI) — Italian screen legend Sophia Loren has been hospitalized after a fall at her home in Geneva, according to a post on her restaurant chain’s Facebook page.

Kosovan Police Remain on Hunt for Serb Gunmen Who Killed Officer, Holed up in Monastery Siege

Kosovo observed a day of mourning for the police officer killed by Serb gunmen who then barricaded themselves in an Orthodox monastery.

Decapitation Strategy? Ukraine Claims to Have Killed Top Russian Admiral Commanding Black Sea Fleet

Missile strike that blasted Crimean headquarters of Russia's navy last week killed 34 officers, including the fleet commander, Ukraine said.

Russia Again Strikes Port of Odesa, Damaging Grain Infrastructure

A Russian drone and missile strike near Odesa damaged port infrastructure, a grain silo and an abandoned hotel and injured one person.

Man Dies After Being Gored by Bull at Spanish Festival

Authorities in Spain have announced that a man has died from wounds he sustained after being gored by a bull at a festival on Saturday.
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YouTube CEO on Demonetizing Russell Brand's Channel: Allegations Are 'Damaging' to 'Creator Ecosystem'

The CEO of Google-owned YouTube, Neal Mohan, defended the platform's recent decision to demonetize actor Russell Brand's channel in the wake of sexual assault allegations, saying that users can be suspended from monetization due to "off-platform news" that puts "the broader creator ecosystem" at risk of being "damaged."

Italy PM Meloni Admits She Hoped to Do 'Better' on Illegal Migrant Surge

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni admitted Saturday she had hoped to do "better" on controlling the illegal migration now flooding across the Mediterranean to land on Italy's shores.

Russell Brand Says He Will Primarily Stream Videos on Rumble After YouTube Cuts Off His Ad Revenue

Russell Brand has vowed to keep criticizing the deep state, media corruption, big pharma, and the military-industrial complex, while facing allegations of sexual assaults between 2006 and 2013 -- adding that he will do so on the free-speech video platform Rumble.

UK Looks to Impose Effective Ban on Cigarettes for Next Generation: Report

The allegedly "Conservative" government of Rishi Sunak is reportedly looking to impose an effective ban on cigarettes for the next generations of Britons.

Climate Change Alarmist Al Gore Declares War on Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate change alarmist Al Gore has blasted the fossil fuel industry, accusing fuel companies of “using the atmosphere as an open sewer.”

Ukraine Launches More Missile Strikes on Crimea after Black Sea Fleet HQ Bombing

Ukraine on Saturday launched another missile attack on Sevastopol, a Russian official said, a day after an attack on Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters.

Three Injured as Landslide Sparks Sinkhole on Major Highway in Sweden

A landslide in Sweden caused a huge sinkhole on a major highway early Saturday, leaving three people injured as cars and a bus skidded off the road.

Biden's Long-Promised Abrams M1 Main Battle Tanks to Arrive in Ukraine 'Next Week'

The first tranche of President Joe Biden's long-promised M1 main battle tanks for Ukraine will arrive in theater next week, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was assured Thursday during a White House meeting.

Palestinian Leader Abbas Rails Against U.S., U.K. at U.N. for Allowing Israel's Existence

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas unsurprisingly devoted much of his U.N. General Assembly address to denouncing the “Israeli occupation of our territory” and demanding more international pressure against Israel to make concessions.

13-Year-Old Boy Shot in the Head a Victim of Stockholm's Deadly Gang War, Says Swedish Prosecutor

A 13-year-old boy found shot in the head earlier this month is the latest victim of a deadly gang war in Sweden, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Laurence Fox Calls for Resignation of Conservative MP Who Pressured Rumble to Censor Russell Brand

My Son Hunter actor Laurence Fox is calling for the resignation of the Conservative member of Parliament who recently pressured Rumble to censor and deplatform Russell Brand.

U.N. Chief Guterres: Global Warming Has Opened ‘the Gates of Hell’

The United Nations alarmist-in-chief António Guterres said this week that finding solutions to climate change is urgent because humanity “has opened the gates of hell.”

'Enough Is Enough': Over Two Dozen GOP Senators, House Lawmakers Say No More Funding for Ukraine

Nearly two dozen Republican senators and lawmakers said no to more funding for Ukraine, just as the country's president arrived in Washington, DC, to urge Congress to pass an additional $24 billion in aid that would bring total U.S. support to Ukraine to at least $135 billion since Ukraine's war with Russia began.

Paramount+ Removes Russell Brand Comedy Special While Continuing to Stream Harvey Weinstein Movies

The Paramount+ streaming service has removed Russell Brand's 2009 comedy special from its platform in the latest act of corporate censorship against the politically inconvenient British star, who is facing allegations of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct.

Zelensky Finally Meets Brazilian Socialist President Lula, Sets Aside Months-Long Feud

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva engaged in a meeting on Wednesday evening that reportedly lasted more than an hour – following months of tensions and personal swipes that began when Lula, still a presidential candidate, insulted Zelensky as a "nice comedian."

Report: CAA's $7 Billion Sale to Francois-Henri Pinault Causing Internal Crisis over Equity Payouts

Creative Artists Agency's sale to François-Henri Pinault for $7 billion is shaping up to be the true Hollywood blockbuster of the year, with the potential to redefine deal-making in a town where talent agencies are quickly consolidating their power over the rest of the industry. But the acquisition is reportedly turning into a troubled production, with talk of disgruntled rank-and-file CAA agents who are unhappy that top brass is making out like bandits while they are left holding comparatively little.

Justin Trudeau Mocked over Support of ‘2SLGBTQI+’ Canadians, Condemning ‘Biphobia’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being ridiculed for voicing his support for “2SLGBTQI+” citizens while condemning supposed widespread

Poland Announces It Will Stop Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

Poland on Wednesday announced it will stop supplying weapons to Ukraine in order to prioritize its own defense, according to local reports.

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni to U.N. -- Open Borders Hypocrites Making Migrant Traffickers 'Rich Beyond Measure'

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni criticized the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday for hypocrisy on the issue of mass migration, charging open-borders advocates with spreading “chaos,” making human traffickers rich, and bringing the evil of slavery back into the world.

Succession: Rupert Murdoch Stepping Down, Hands Fox and News Corp. to Son Lachlan

Australian-born media titan Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chairman of the board of both Fox Corp., and News Corp. the company said on Thursday.

Suspected Terrorist Pleads Not Guilty to Escaping from London Prison

Daniel Khalife who allegedly snuck out of a prison by strapping himself under a delivery truck has pleaded not guilty to escaping custody.

Peter Schweizer: The Clintons Are Masters of 'Disaster Capitalism' -- and Ukraine Is Their Next Big Project

The Clinton Foundation put its annual “Clinton Global Initiative” on a hiatus for a few years when their relevance ebbed and fundraising dried up, but their scandal-plagued charity has returned with a plan to provide humanitarian relief to warn-torn Ukraine, complete with a benediction from Pope Francis.

Australian Academic Conference to Explore Taylor Swift’s ‘Impact on Discussions of Gender, Identity, Race, and Intersectionality’

How much Taylor Swift can you bear? If you're an Australian academic, your answer would probably be "too much is never enough" following news Thursday a world-first, three-day international symposium on "the impact of Taylor Swift" is scheduled for an Australian university next year.

Rumble Refuses to Demonetize Russell Brand's Channel After UK Parliament Puts on Pressure

The chairwoman of the UK Parliament's Culture, Media, and Sports Committee has formally written to streaming platform Rumble asking whether it intends to demonetize comedian/commentator Russell Brand's channel in the wake of rape and sexual assault allegations.

Armenian Separatists in Nagorno-Karabakh Surrender to Azerbaijan

Armenian separatists on Wednesday agreed to a cease-fire with Azerbaijan that effectively surrendered control of their territory to the Azeri government. The separatists agreed to disband and disarm their forces, and Azerbaijan agreed to halt military action against them.

General Milley: Ukraine Fight Can Be Sustained Since 'The United States, Allied Countries Are Rich'

Milley said at a press conference from Germany on Tuesday that the Ukraine War could be sustained because the United States and its allies are "rich."

Biden, Pentagon Double Down on Support for Ukraine Despite Failing Counteroffensive

President Joe Biden and his leaders at the Pentagon are doubling down on their support of Ukraine despite a failing military counteroffensive, amid a push to get Congress to approve $24 billion more for the war.

1,000 People Who Identify as Dogs Gather in Germany: 'Call Animal Control'

Roughly 1,000 individuals gathered at Germany's Berlin Potdsamer Platz railroad station, howling and barking in their interactions with each other.

UK Passes 'Online Safety Bill' Creating Vast List of Content Moderation Requirements

The UK has passed its much-debated Online Safety Bill, a titanic piece of internet regulation that has been debated and amended by the country's Parliament for years.

Crisis, What Crisis? World Leaders Skip Latest U.N. Climate Summit

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is set to host a special climate summit Wednesday noted more for the missing leaders and emissaries of the world's most advanced economies than those in attendance.

Russell Brand Australia Tour Canceled amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Another day, another cancelation for British actor/comedian Russell Brand. The Australia segment of his upcoming comedy tour was dropped Wednesday following the sexual assault accusations from several women that have dominated headlines for the past week.

Turkey's Erdogan Takes Credit for Defeating ISIS, Weakly Urges China to Not Abuse Uyghurs at U.N.

Turkish Islamist strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan used his address before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to renew his calls for expanding Security Council membership, claim that his country had "actually fought the biggest battle against ISIS," and politely suggest to genocidal China to recognize the rights of its Muslim population.

Biden: 'We Must Stand Up to This Naked Aggression' Against Ukraine

President Biden on Tuesday called on United Nation members to stand up to "naked aggression" against Ukraine by Russia, arguing that if Ukraine was not protected, no nation would feel protected.

Elliot Page Celebrates First Movie as a 'Leading Man'

Elliot Page, who "transitioned" from a woman to a man in 2020, hit the Toronto International Film Festival to promote what some outlets like Yahoo! News are hailing as the Inception and Juno star's "first movie as a leading man." Page called the role of Sam in the film Close to You "one of the most incredible experiences of my career," as scenes feature Page topless and the actor's first love scene.

Vatican Synod to Pay ‘Carbon Credit’ to Offset Climate Debt

The Vatican announced Tuesday that it will generate a carbon credit to offset the climate debt incurred by its upcoming synod of bishops in Rome.

Canada Sentences Pastor to Prison for Speech in Which He Called Freedom Convoy Truckers 'Heroes'

A court in Alberta, Canada, sentenced Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Monday to 60 days in prison for a speech to Freedom Convoy truckers in February 2022 in which he supported their protests against repressive lockdown, vaccine, and other mandates related to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Hungarian President Katalin Novak Launches Pro-Family Manifesto

Hungary’s first female president, Katalin Novák, has launched a 12-point pro-family manifesto defending parental rights and bucking woke trans trends.

Pope Francis to Bill Clinton: We Must Halt the ‘Ecological Catastrophe’ of Climate Change

Pope Francis engaged former U.S. President Bill Clinton via zoom Monday, stressing the urgency of addressing the climate change “catastrophe,” the migration “crisis,” and war.

Canceled: YouTube Stops Russell Brand from Monetizing Videos

Russell Brand will no longer make money from streaming his videos on YouTube after the site suspended his ability to monetize his presence Tuesday with immediate effect.

Remaining Dates on Russell Brand Comedy Tour Postponed After Sexual Assault Allegations

LONDON (AP) — British police said Monday that they had received a sexual assault allegation after media outlets published claims by several women against Russell Brand. Promoters postponed the remaining dates in a string of live gigs by the comedian, who denies the allegations.

Watch: Fireworks After Female Anchor Calls Russell Brand a ‘Hero,’ Questions Timing of Rape Allegations Reporting

Two GB News hosts got into a heated, on-air argument Monday over Russell Brand, with co-anchor Beverly Turner defending the celebrity and even labeling him a "hero" after the mainstream British media ran a hit piece in which five women -- four of whom remain anonymous -- accused Brand of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct.

Growing World Impatience with Ukraine Expected to Dominate U.N. General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly's general debate begins on Tuesday, expected to bring over 140 leaders to New York to discuss this year's theme of "restoring trust" – and resist Western pressure for the Ukraine war to dominate the conversation.

Senior British Politicians Push Police to Investigate Sexual Assault Allegations Against Russell Brand

LONDON — Senior British politicians on Monday urged police to investigate sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand, as the U.K. entertainment industry faced questions about whether the comedian’s bad behavior went unchallenged because of his fame.

Erdogan in NYC Urges Elon Musk to Build a Tesla Factory in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used a break in New York City on Sunday to urge tech giant Elon Musk to open his next Tesla factory in Turkey.

Royal Progress: King Charles III Heads to France for Delayed State Visit

A visit to France by King Charles III will take place this week after an almost six-month delay cause by strikes and mass public protests in Britain's near neighbour.

Russell Brand's Agents Drop Actor After Rape, Sexual Assault Claims

Actor Russell Brand's agents have dropped him following allegations that the Hollywood star turned podcaster has raped and sexually assaulted multiple women.

Italy's PM Meloni Despairs at Illegal Migrant Surge: Warns 'Future of Europe Is at Stake'

Thousands of illegal migrants delivered by people smugglers from the North African coast landed on Italy's southernmost island of Lampedusa this past week, sparking a warning Sunday from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni the "future of Europe is at stake" if the human flood tide is allowed to continue.

W.H.O. Chief Tedros (Again) Pleads with China for 'Full Access' to Determine Coronavirus Origins

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wants Beijing to open up on the origins of coronavirus and is ready to send a second team to probe the matter if he gets approval from the Chinese communist dictatorship to start an investigation, a report Sunday sets out.

Erdogan Suggests Turkey May Walk Away From EU Membership Bid

President Recep Erdogan said Turkey may part ways with the European Union, implying the country is thinking about ending its membership bid.

French Ambassador Being 'Held Hostage' by Niger Military Junta, Emmanuel Macron Says

(AFP) — President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that France’s envoy to Niger is living like a hostage in the French embassy and accused military rulers of blocking food deliveries to the mission. The ambassador is living off “military rations”,

China's TikTok Hit with $368 Million Fine Under EU's Strict Data Privacy Rules

European regulators hit the China-owned app TikTok with a $368 million fine on Friday for failing to protect children's privacy on the platform. This is reportedly first time that the Chinese app has been punished over Europe's strict data privacy rules.

Report: Apple Instructs Staff to Remain Silent on iPhone 12 Radiation Issue

Apple faces scrutiny in France over alleged high radiation levels in its iPhone 12 model, prompting the tech giant to reportedly advise its support staff to withhold information on the issue.

'Danger to Our Communities': UK Govt Finally Moves to Ban Deadly 'American Bully XL' Dogs

American Bully XL dogs are a "danger to our communities" and will be banned, just hours after yet another Briton was killed by the breed.

EU Hands TikTok $386 Million Fine for Child Data Breaches

European Union regulator hits Chinese-owned TikTok with a 345-million-euro fine over child data breaches on Friday.

Spate of School Burnings After Belgium Makes Sex Education Mandatory

Several Islamic groups have condemned the program meant to to 'help children and teenagers develop their relational and sexual lives'.

Progress! Ukraine Say They've Reclaimed a Village From Russia

Ukraine's forces have recaptured a village in the country´s east after intense battles with Russian troops, the military said.

WATCH: Arrests Made as Global Climate Protesters Demand End to Fossil Fuels

Roads will be blocked, cities shut down, airports targeted, marches begun and chanting, lots of chanting, will combine Friday as climate protesters around the world rally to demand an immediate end to fossil fuel use.

He's Back: Zelensky Inbound for (Another) Washington Visit as Congress Debates $24+ Billion in Ukraine Aid

The White House and Capitol Hill can expect a visit from Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky next week as  the latest aid package worth upwards of $24 billion is debated in Congress.

Green Inferno: Tesla Bursts in Flames on Busy Australian Highway

A Tesla burst into flames on a busy highway on Monday in the Southern Highlands region of Australia, sending firefighters on a difficult mission to battle the blaze. The fire started after the electric vehicle built by Elon Musk's company hit debris that fell off another vehicle.

Russia Expels Two U.S. Diplomats, Alleging 'Illegal Activity'

Russia's Foreign Ministry declared two U.S. diplomats "persona non grata" and ordered them to leave the country.

France Demands Apple Take iPhone 12 Off Market Immediately as it Emits Too Much Radiation

French regulators ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12, saying it emits electromagnetic radiation levels that are above EU standards.

Sean Penn Says Will Smith 'Wouldn't Have' Slapped Chris Rock if Zelensky Attended the Oscars

Actor Sean Penn offered a bizarre take on last year's Oscars scene where Chris Rock slapped Will Smith, claiming that it never would have happened if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was present at the event.

'Bored to Death': European Commissioner Does Her Knitting During Major EU Speech

EU Chief may have been speaking of the "call of history" at her State of the Union speech on Wednesday, but not everyone was captivated.

Crisis: 5,000 Migrants on 100 Boats in One Day to Italian Island

Humanitarian concern on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa after more than 5,000 people arrived in one day on smugglers boats.

Ex-'Bachelorette' Star Charlie Newling Dead at 36 After Car Accident

Charlie Newling, a 2018 contestant on Bachelorette: Australia, was found dead in his car after it plummeted more than 230 feet off a cliff near Sydney, Australia. He was only 36.

Warner Music Signs Child-Like AI-Generated Pop Star Noonoouri

A child-like pop star created by artificial intelligence (AI) named Noonoouri has been signed by Warner Music. The avatar’s first single features 38-year-old German DJ Alle Farben and went on the market Friday. AI technology was used to create the singing voice

NPR: Venice Italy Endangered by ‘Human-Caused Climate Change’

The city of Venice, Italy, “is under threat due to human-caused climate change,” National Public Radio (NPR) asserted Tuesday, citing a recent UNESCO report.

Ukraine Says it Has Recaptured Black Sea Oil Platforms Occupied by Russia Since 2015

The recapture provides an energy source and takes back an asset that Russia seized in 2015 and used to launch helicopters.

Sweden Prepares to Join NATO, Boosts Defence Spending 28 Per Cent

Sweden wants to increase its defense budget by 28%, putting it on track to reach the NATO military spending target of 2% of GDP.

'We Waited Too Long' for Western Weapons Before Starting Counteroffensive, Says Zelensky

Ukraine started counteroffensive too late because it was waiting for weapons, and even now is waiting on more deliveries, President Zelensky said.

Hundreds of Bodies Found in Libya Floods-Hit City of Derna

Rescue teams in eastern Libya have retrieved hundreds of bodies from the rubble in a coastal city that was hit by devastating floods.

Town Flooded with Wine After Tanks Explode

Locals woke up on Sunday morning to a torrent of red wine flowing through the town after two enormous storage tanks at a local winery burst.

Islamist Fulani Raiders Burn Catholic Seminarian Alive in Nigeria

A mob of Fulani Muslim raiders torched a Catholic parish rectory in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, killing a 25-year-old seminarian, local media reported.

Spanish Soccer President Resigns Amid Kissing Scandal

Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has resigned from his position amid uproar.

European Union Economic Outlook Worsens as Inflation Takes Toll

EU lowers economic growth forecast year and next. Inflation hits people's willingness to spend in shops, rates restricting credit.

Woke Lancet Laments ‘Backlash Against Gender Equality’

The once-respected Lancet medical journal has launched a commission on gender equality as part of its progressive political crusade.

Director Ava DuVernay: International Film Festivals 'Don't Care' About Black Filmmakers' Stories

Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay is claiming that black filmmakers get discouraged from entering international film festivals because people outside the United States don't care about their stories.

Talk About Throwing the Book at Him: Turkish Crypto Scammer Sentenced to *11,000* Years in Prison

Faruk Fatih Ozer, the mastermind behind collapsed Turkish cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, has been handed a staggering 11,196-year prison sentence for a series of crimes including fraud, money laundering, and leading a criminal organization. Ozer's crypto exchange resulted in losses as high as $2.6 billion for investors.

Rescue Mission Launched for American Researcher Stuck in one of World's Deepest Caves

Rescue teams on Sunday in Turkey successfully carried an American researcher up from the depth of a cave at 1040 meters.

Elon Musk Claims His Starlink Decision Avoided 'Major Act of War and Conflict Escalation' in Ukraine

Elon Musk's decision to not activate Starlink's satellite communications during a critical moment in the Ukraine conflict has sparked a heated debate on the role of private tech companies in international affairs. Musk took to his X/Twitter platform to defend the decision by claiming, "If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation."

Over 2,000 Dead Following Powerful 6.8 Earthquake in Morocco

MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) — A rare, powerful earthquake struck Morocco late Friday night, killing more than 1,000 people and damaging buildings from villages in the Atlas Mountains to the historic city of Marrakech. The full toll was not known as rescuers struggled to get through boulder-strewn roads to the remote mountain villages hit hardest.

WATCH: French President Macron Booed by Entire Stadium at Rugby World Cup

President Emmanuel Macron was roundly booed as he took to the pitch for the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup on Friday.

Getting Involved? British RAF Planes to 'Deter' Russian Airforce Over Black Sea

UK will engage in "military efforts to deter Russian attacks" over the Black Sea as the govt condemns the Kremlin for damaging food security. 

Watch: Sylvester Stallone Meets Pope Francis, Trades Fake Punches With Him

"Rocky" star Sylvester Stallone visited the Vatican with his family on Friday and met Pope Francis, who told the actor that he is a big fan of his films. The two then playfully traded punches together.

Woke Lancet Decries ‘Structural Racism’ Behind Anemia

The once-venerable Lancet medical journal has dedicated an entire article to the impact of “structural racism” on iron deficiency anemia.

Pics: Guns Roar in Memory of Late Queen Elizabeth II on First Anniversary of Passing

With gun salutes and tolling bells, the United Kingdom on Friday marked the anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Green Fail: Government Offshore Wind Farm Auction Attracts Zero Bids

Zero. That was the sum total of new UK offshore wind projects bought by developers at a key government auction Thursday, as renewable energy groups shunned the sector as unviable even with heavy taxpayer subsidies.

Top French Court Approves Ban on Arab Garments in Schools After Challenge by Muslim Group

Court confirms government ban on faith-linked garments, which has already triggered a school strike and a death threat against a headmaster enforcing the law.

Asylum Applications to Germany up 77 Per Cent Over 2022

Claims are soaring, and there could be as many as 300,000 would-be asylum seekers filing papers this year, assuming no new wars break out.

17 Killed in Russian Missile Strike on Market, Ukraine Says

The Russian missile that struck Wednesday in eastern Ukraine turned an outdoor market into a fiery, blackened ruin.

French Minister: E.U. Can Undermine Putin by Cleaning Up Process for Countries to Join

The EU should be bolder over new member states to head off attempts by the Russian state to undermine pro-European sentiment, diplomats say.

Africa Climate Summit Demands Reparations via Global Tax on Fossil Fuels, Aviation, and Maritime Transport

The first Africa Climate Summit ended Wednesday with a demand for global leaders to initiate a global carbon tax on fossil fuels, aviation and maritime transport, all while reforming financial systems that force African nations to pay more to borrow money.

Azerbaijan Pursues ‘Elimination of the Entire Christian Population and Its Churches’ in Nagorno-Karabakh

The congressional Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, chaired by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), held a hearing on Wednesday to discuss the plight of Armenian Christians trapped by an Azerbaijani blockade in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region. The commission heard testimony from experts who said Azerbaijan’s actions clearly constituted genocide, with complicity from Turkey and the Islamist forces it has dispatched into the region.

Spanish Soccer Player Jenni Hermoso Accuses Luis Rubiales of Sexual Assault for World Cup Kiss

By: AP · AP
MADRID (AP) — Spanish soccer player Jenni Hermoso has accused Luis Rubiales of sexual assault for kissing her on the lips without her consent after the Women’s World Cup final, the country’s prosecutors’ office said Wednesday.

Facebook Will Ditch News Tab in Europe as Relationship with Media Reaches Low Point

The company has announced that it will shut down the News Tab for users in the UK, France, and Germany, in what it described as “part of an ongoing effort to better align our investments to our products and services people value the most.”

The Rolling Stones Set to Unveil Their New Album at London Event

LONDON — A rock’n’roll juggernaut was descending Wednesday on London’s Hackney district, where The Rolling Stones are set to unveil their new album, “Hackney Diamonds.”

Blinken Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv, to Announce Another Round of Cash for Ukraine

Secretary of State makes unannounced visit to Kyiv, expected to announce hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars of new spending.

Alarmists Predict ‘1 Billion’ Deaths from Climate Change This Century

Researchers from Canada and Australia have published a study predicting a remarkable one billion deaths from climate change over the next 100 years.

Doomsayer U.N. Chief Guterres Warns 'Climate Breakdown Has Begun'

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday warned humanity the world's climate is breaking down, delivering his terrifying appraisal just weeks after declaring “the era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived.”

Labour Party-Run Birmingham Council Declares Effective Bankruptcy

Local leftist officials have been blasted for mismanagement in Birmingham as the city council has declared that it is effectively bankrupt.

U.S.-Funded War in Ukraine Costs More in One Day than Biden Is Sending to Maui

The largely U.S.-funded war in Ukraine costs approximately $100 million a day -- more than the $95 million President Joe Biden wants to send to Maui after the most fatal fire in the nation's history in over a century.

Consumers Win: Apple to Embrace USB-C with iPhone 15

Apple is set to introduce USB-C ports in its upcoming iPhone 15 models, a move driven by European Union regulations that many see as a win for consumers. For years, Apple has resisted USB-C in favor of its Lightning connector, but now seems to have embraced the benefits of using the same port on its laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Qur'an Violence: Cars Burnt, Arrests Made as Protests Hit Multicultural Malmo

Violent protests met a Qur'an burning demonstration in Sweden's multicultural border city of Malmo on Sunday, leading to a night of riots.