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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Wendy's Worker Charged with Murder After Punching Elderly Man, Police Say

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
An elderly man allegedly punched by a Wendy's worker in Prescott Valley, Arizona, last month has died, according to law enforcement.

Seattle CEO Dan Price, Who Cut Salary to Raise Workers' Pay, Resigns amid Claims of Assault

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A CEO in Seattle who cut his salary to raise his worker's pay, stepped down Wednesday from his company, Gravity Payments.

Luke Knox, FIU Linebacker and Brother of Buffalo Bills' Dawson Knox, Dead at 22 Years Old

By: Lara Gwinn Β·Β Lara Gwinn
Luke Knox, 22, a Florida International University (FIU) linebacker and younger brother of Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox, died on Wednesday.
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VIDEO – Report: Small Child Falls Out of Vehicle on Houston Road

A terrifying dash cam video shows a small child falling out of a moving vehicle just before a highway entrance ramp in Houston.

New Orleans Police: Carjacking Suspect Fatally Struck on Highway While Running from Cops

A carjacking suspectΒ was fatally struck by a vehicle on a highway while he was trying to escape from authorities following a car chase, according to the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

Police: Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Ferris Wheel at Ohio Amusement Park

A couple was arrested for allegedly having sex on a ferris wheel cart at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, according to the Sandusky Police Department.

WATCH - Citizens Flip Car to Rescue Trapped Driver: 'People Here Just Care'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A group of concerned citizens came together to rescue a driver from a dangerous situation Monday in San Antonio, Texas.
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Deputies: 88-Year-Old Woman Killed by Alligator in South Carolina – 2nd Fatal Attack in State This Year

An elderly South Carolina woman was killed by an alligator on Monday, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. This is the second fatal attack to have occurred in the state this year.Β 

Report: Chicago Police Took over 20 Minutes to Respond to 'Intentional' Hit-and-Run that Killed 3 and Injured 2

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) took between 20 and 30 minutes to respond to a horrific hit-and-run crash that left three people dead and two people injured.

American Airlines Slashes 31K Flights for 'Proactive Adjustments'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
American Airlines is cutting 31,000 flights in November after slashing two percent of flights in September and October.

Watch: Man Grabs Live Shark with Bare Hands on Long Island Beach

Shocking footage shows a man grabbing a shark by its tail with his bare hands at a Long Island beach on Sunday.

Michigan Girl Raises Enough Money to Buy Books for Her Entire Class After Opening Lemonade Stand

An eight-year-old Michigan girl has helped fundraise enough money for her upcoming classmates to receive a practical gift they can use throughout the school year by opening up a lemonade stand.

Kraft Heinz Recalls Capri Sun Possibly Tainted with Cleaning Fluid

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The Kraft Heinz company is recalling cases of juice after a cleaning solution was "inadvertently introduced into a production line."

Pennsylvania Grandmother Celebrates 100th Great-Grandchild: 'I Always Wanted a Big Family'

Growing up as an only child, 99-year-old Peggy Koller always wished for a big family. Now, she is celebrating her 100th great-grandchild.

Watch: Good Samaritan Tackles Suspect Who Allegedly Assaulted, Robbed Elderly Man in Hollywood

A homeless man who assaulted and allegedly attempted to rob an elderly man at a Hollywood restaurant was chased down and subdued by a good Samaritan until authorities could arrive.

WATCH - Veteran Honored with Updated Roof on Home: 'Our Way of Saying Thank You'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Homer Craig, a United States Army veteran, got a major update to his home recently in the Hazelwood area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Watch – 'I Just Swallowed a Bee:' Ontario Premier Doug Ford During Press Conference

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was buzzing with laughter after he accidentally swallowed a bee during a press conference.

Report: Levi Strauss Heir Dan Goldman Spends $2 Million of His Own Cash on NY Campaign

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Levi Strauss & Co. heir Dan Goldman has reportedly thrown millions of dollars from his own coffers into his campaign for a New York congressional seat, even as donors have continued giving him money.

Texas Police Dept. Refuses to Apologize to Woke Mob after Photo with Kyle Rittenhouse

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
A Central Texas police department refused to back down when a "woke mob" demanded an apology for a photo of an officer posing with Kyle Rittenhouse during a traffic stop.

Officials: Boil Water Advisory Issued for 13 Communities in Michigan

A boil water advisory warning is issued for 13 Michigan communities following the discovery of a leak on a 120-inch water transmission main about a mile west of theΒ Lake Huron Water Treatment Facility, according to the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA).Β 

PHOTOS - Dog Missing for Two Months Rescued from Cave: 'She Was Happy to Be Out!'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A group exploring the Tom Moore cave system in Perry County, Missouri, recently found something unexpected huddled in the darkness.

WATCH: Spirit Airlines Agent Suspended After Heated Brawl with Woman at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

A Spirit Airlines agent has been suspended following a physical altercation with a female passenger who directed slurs at the airline employee at Dallas Fort Worth Airport on Thursday.

Report: Chicago Cabbie Accused of Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Gets Probation

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Chicago cab driver accused of kidnapping a woman and sexually assaulting her has pleaded guilty in exchange for probation, according to a report publishedΒ on Friday.

Texan Found Guilty of Child Sex Crimes Drinks Liquid in Court, Dies: 'He Chugged It'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A 57-year-old man on trial for child sexual assault in Texas drank an unknown liquid and died later that day, WFAA reported Friday.

VIDEO: Teen Dies After Being Caught in Wood Chipper, Neighbors Devastated

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A 17-year-old died after getting caught in a wood chipper Tuesday in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

VIDEO: Ten-Year-Old Honored for Saving Child from Drowning

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A boy in Marion County, Indiana, recently became a local hero and is being honored for his actions.

California to Become First State to Provide Free Meals for All Students

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
California is set to become the first state in the nation to implement a program offering free meals for all students.

VIDEO - Doorbell Camera Shows Blast That Killed Three: 'Absolutely Devastating'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A doorbell camera at an Evansville, Indiana, house recorded an explosion that shook the surrounding area on Wednesday, killing three individuals.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Laments Socialists 'Taking over' Major American Institutions

Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey recently expressed his worry that "socialists" are seizing major institutions within American society at the cost of certain liberties being taken away.

Officials: South Carolina Woman Dies After Being Impaled in Chest by Loose Beach Umbrella

A woman died in a freak accident after a beach umbrella became loose and impaled a woman in the chest, according to officials.

VIDEO: OnlyFans Model Accused of Fatally Stabbing Boyfriend Arrested

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The OnlyFans model accused of killing her boyfriend in Miami in April was arrested Wednesday, Yahoo! News reported Thursday.

WATCH: Democrat Pays to Fly 'Ha Ha' Banner over Trump's Home After FBI Raid

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Florida man commissioned a plane to fly a banner reading "Ha ha ha ha ha" over former President Donald Trump's home on Wednesday following the FBI's raid.

Firefighter Survives Plane Crash in Lake Refilling for East Texas Wildfire

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
POLK COUNTY, Texas -- A firefighter survived the crash of his aircraft into Lake Livingston while scooping up water to dump on a wildfire. An onlooker witnessed the crash and jumped in his boat to rescue the injured pilot.

WATCH: Corporate Media Tar Critics of FBI's Trump Raid as 'QAnon' Fans Calling for Violence

Multiple corporate media broadcasters advanced an identical narrative following the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, attempting to use guilt by association to tarnish criticism of the raid as conspiracy theorists calling for violence.

Watch: Alleged Shoplifter Attacks Laundromat Worker with Hammer in Brooklyn

Disturbing footage released by the NYPD shows an alleged shoplifter wielding a hammer at an elderly laundromat employee who wasΒ attempting to stop the suspect.

Heartbreaking: Mother Dies in Sleep in Front of Family on Flight Home from Hong Kong to U.K.

A mother died in her sleep with her children seated next to her for eight hours during a flight from Hong Kong to the U.K., according to a friend.

PHOTO - Officer Kicks Door Open to Save Children from House Fire: 'God Bless This True Hero'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Officer Bill Beaudette of the St. Paul Police Department in Minnesota was going about his routine Thursday when things took a dangerous turn.

Police: Burning Body Found Hanging in Tree at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, No Foul Play Suspected

A burning body found hanging from a tree at Griffith Park in Los Angeles is most likely the result of a suicide, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Poll: 89% Say January 6 Hearings Have Not Changed Their Minds

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A recent poll found a large percentage of respondents said the House January 6 Committee hearings had not changed their minds about the incident at the Capitol.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Took Home White House Property - Has Faced No Consequences

Amid reports that former President Donald Trump's took various White House items to his home in Mar-A-Lago, former first lady Hillary Clinton also left the White House with permanent artifacts but never faced any consequences.

Hawley: Attorney General Merrick Garland 'Must Resign' After Raid on Trump's Home

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said Attorney General Merrick Garland must step down or be impeached following the raid on former President Donald Trump's home.

Nolte: Disgraced Rebekah Jones Freaks Over Teacher Recommending Breitbart Editor's Book

By: John Nolte Β·Β John Nolte
The disgraced and discredited Rebekah Jones is freaking out over a civics teacher who recommended Alex Marlow's "Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption" to students.

Sea Turtles Make Comeback in Georgia – New Nesting Record Broken

Sea turtles are making a comeback in Georgia as a new record was broken for nests along the state coastline this year.

Man Who Fatally Shot Ahmaud Arbery Gets Life in Prison for Hate Crime

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The man who shot Ahmaud Arbery received a sentence Monday in Brunswick, Georgia, of life in prison on charges of committing a federal hate crime.

McDonald's Cuts McPlant Burger from Menu After Trial Run

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Fast-food company McDonald's has decided following a trial run that it will pull the McPlant from the menu of some of its U.S. eateries for the time being, Fox 9 reportedΒ on August 1.

Giant Sinkhole in Chile, Over 650 Feet Deep, Bewilders Authorities

A giant sinkhole in Chile that now measures approximately 160 feet wide and 656 feet deep has left authorities bewildered over how it got so huge.

Flash Flooding Leaves 1,000 People Stranded over Weekend at Death Valley National Park

Intense rainfall caused flash flooding at Death Valley National Park, leaving around 1,000 people stranded over the weekend due to damaged roadways.

Report: Bodega Worker Jose Alba May Leave New York City for Good After Charges Dropped

Bodega worker Jose Alba, 61, who fatally stabbed an ex-convict in self-defense while working, may reportedly leave New York City for goodΒ after he had his murder charges dropped.

VIDEO: NYC Bodega Owners' Cat Returned After Being Taken Off Street

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The owners of a bodega in Brooklyn finally had their beloved cat returned recently after it was apparently stolen.

Veteran Who Survived Four WWII Invasions Celebrates Turning 100: 'I'm Glad to Still Be Here'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man named Bud Clauson celebrated a huge milestone on Sunday after living through some of the most significant moments in history.

WATCH - Pelosi Blasted for Comments About 'Connection' with China: 'You Can't Make This Stuff Up'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is getting heat for speaking about her "connection" with China during a visit to the Indo-Pacific where she stopped in Taiwan, Fox News reported Saturday.

Sheriff: Georgia Couple Arrested for Allegedly Using Their Adopted Children to Produce Child Pornography

Two Georgia men were charged for allegedly using their adopted children to produce pornographic material, according to the Walton County Sheriff's Office.

Report: Former CNN Anchor Felicia Taylor Arrested After Alleged Hit-and-Run in Florida

A former CNN anchor was arrested after she allegedly crashed her white Mercedes into the back of another vehicle and drove off, the New York Post reported.Β 

Klondike Hints Choco Taco May Return After Consumer Outrage

The Choco Taco may not be dead after Klondike hinted the taco-shaped ice cream treat could return in the coming years.

Report: 10 Criminals Arrested Nearly 500 Times, Thanks to New York's 'Insane' Bail Reform

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Ten criminals caused trouble in New York City and were arrested nearly 500 times, thanks to the state's bail reform law, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

**Graphic** Watch: Las Vegas Smoke Shop Owner Stabs Alleged Robber

Surveillance footage captured the moment a Las Vegas smoke shop owner stabbed a masked juvenile suspect allegedly attempting to rob his store.

Report: Chicago Women Accused of Beating Off-Duty Cop, Taking Gun

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Several women reportedly faced charges after an off-duty officer was targeted in the Boystown area of Chicago on Friday.

Police: NYC McDonald's Worker Shot in Neck During Argument over Fries Has Died

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A 23-year-old Brooklyn McDonald's employee who was shot in the neck after an argument over food has died, the New York Post reported Friday.

VIDEO: Elderly Couple Killed, Others Injured During Lightning Strike Near White House

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
An elderly couple died and two others seriously hurt when lightning touched down outside the White House on Thursday in Washington, DC.

WATCH - Police Officer Escorts Senior Walking on Highway to Salon: 'I Truly Enjoy Helping People'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A police officer in Tennessee is getting a lot of positive attention for assisting an elderly neighbor who was walking on the highway get to the salon.

PHOTO - Feline Helps Thwart Would-Be Robbery: 'This Is a Guard Cat'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Mississippi man's adopted cat did something incredible recently and is getting a lot of praise for it.

Authorities: Former Iowa Jail Employee Accused of Having Sex with Inmate Multiple Times

A former jail employee in Iowa has been accused of having sex with an inmate multiple times, including in a utility closet and the recreation yard, according to authorities.

Watch: MMA Fighter Takes Down Man Allegedly Sucker-Punching Random People in New York City

A mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter subdued a man who was allegedly punching people randomly in lower Manhattan's Soho area.

Police: Florida Woman Performed Sexual Acts with Dog While Ex-Boyfriend Filmed

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A woman in Florida has been accused of performing sexual acts with her dog. Police say that her former boyfriend recorded the scenes.

Texas Teacher Gets 60 Day Prison Sentence for Sex with 6th Grader

A former Texas sixth grade teacher will spend two months in prison for having a three-year relationship with one of her students, who was between the ages of 12 and 15 at the time. She will be given until June 2023 to surrender for her brief prison sentence due to the recent birth of her child.

Watch: Pennsylvania Teen Rescues People from Apartment Fire with Trampoline

A teenager in western Pennsylvania helped save multiple residents from an apartment fire by moving a trampoline to ease the landing for victims jumping out the side of the building.

Winner of $1.337 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot May Only Earn $453 Million After Tax

The winner of the recentΒ $1.337 billion Mega Millions jackpot will most likely pay a hefty tax bill come April of next year.

Country Music Star Chris Stapleton Helps With Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Effort

Country music star and Kentucky native Chris Stapleton was recently seen helping out with the flood relief efforts that have devastated the eastern portion of the state.

Mom Accuses Chuck E. Cheese Mascot of Racism for 'Purposely' Ignoring Daughter

A mother is accusing a Chuck E. Cheese mascot of racial discrimination on social media, claiming the mascot "purposely" ignored her black daughter.

WATCH: Liquor Store Owner Shoots AR-15-Wielding Alleged Robber

Surveillance video shows a Norco, California, liquor store owner pull a shotgun and shoot an AR-15-wielding alleged robber shortly before 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

Officials: Georgians May Claim Unborn Babies as Dependents on Taxes

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Georgia officials said Monday expecting families are allowed to claim their unborn babies, or embryos, as a dependent on their taxes.

Chicago Health System to Pay Workers $10 Million in Settlement over Vaccine Mandate

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The first settlement in the nation has been reached in a lawsuit filed by medical staff regarding an Illinois university system's coronavirus vaccine mandate.

WWII Navajo Code Talker Samuel Sandoval Dies at 98 -- 3 Remain from Group

Samuel Sandoval, one of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers from World War II, died at the age of 98 on Friday.

VIDEO: Boy Hit by Car While Riding Bike Sells Lemonade to Pay Medical Bills

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
An 11-year-old boy in Locust Grove, Georgia, has faced some challenges after being hit by a car but is getting support from his community.

Pro-Trump Burger Restaurant in Texas Draws Crowds of Locals and Tourists

A pro-Trump burger joint founded by the son of immigrants and named in honor of the 45th president is drawing large crowds of locals and tourists.

Watch – NYPD: Suspect Attempts to Rape Woman in Broad Daylight in Brooklyn

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is searching for a suspect who attempted to rape a woman inΒ broad daylightΒ while walking her dog in Brooklyn.

WATCH: Migrants Saved by Carnival Cruise Ship Returning to Florida

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Carnival Cruise passenger recently witnessed the rescue of migrants stranded on the water as the ship returned to Port Miami in Florida.

New Jersey Cardiologist Sentenced 30 Months for Issuing +8,600 Oxycodone Pills to Couple

A New Jersey cardiologist was sentenced to 30 months in prison on Wednesday for unlawfully issuing thousands of oxycodone pills to a couple.

Copilot Jumps or Falls from Plane Before Emergency Landing

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man jumped or fell out of a plane on Friday before it touched down at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina.

Hershey Warns of Potential Halloween Candy Shortage amid Supply Chain Woes

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Hershey announced Thursday the company anticipates a candy shortage for Halloween due to issues with the global supply chain.

VIDEO - Teen Killed, Four Wounded in Stabbing While Tubing River: 'A Tragedy'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A teenager died and four others were seriously injured on Saturday during a stabbing incident as the group tubed a Wisconsin river, ABC News reported.

17-Year-Old Girl and Her Dog Wait Hours on Rooftop Surrounded by Flood Waters Before Being Rescued

Incredible images show a 17-year-old girl and her dog stranded on a rooftop surrounded by flood waters as they waited for hours to be rescued amid the eastern Kentucky flooding.

PHOTO - Spam Locked Up Due to Inflation, Crime in NYC: 'This Has Gone Too Far'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The plague of inflation and criminal activity in New York City has caused one store to lock up its Spam.

Governor: Death Toll Rises to 25 in Eastern Kentucky Flooding, Including 4 Children

The death toll in the eastern Kentucky flooding has risen to 25, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) announced in a press briefing on Saturday morning.

$1.337 Billion Mega Millions Ticket Sold to Lucky Winner in Illinois

The whopping $1.337 billion Mega Millions jackpot was won on Friday from a single ticket bought in Illinois.

Model Pleads Guilty to Trying to Hide Drugs in Vagina: 'I Wanted to Have a Little Fun'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A model avoided being criminally convicted for trying to smuggle cocaine into an event where there were drug-sniffing dogs.

20-Year-Old College Basketball Player Dies After 'Cardiac Event'

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater basketball player Derek Gray, 20, recently died after suffering from a "cardiac event," according to his coach.

Report: Baby Formula Shortage Intensifies with 30 Percent Out of Stock

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
American families continue to struggle as the baby formula shortage has intensified, with 30 percent of brands reportedly out of stock.

VIDEO: Florida Schools Hiring Veterans to Fill Teaching Jobs

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The state of Florida is looking to the nation's military veterans to help fill teaching positions, with applications already coming in.

Man with Ax Dies from Gunshot Wounds After Allegedly Charging Police

A man armed with an ax died from gunshot wounds early Saturday morning after allegedly charging police in Rochester, MN.

PHOTO - NYPD Officer Adopts Dog She Helped Save from Hot Car: 'Lucky Pup'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A police officer in New York City gave a home to a dog found in a terrifying situation, ABC News reported Thursday.

Lawsuit Claims Female Inmates Raped After Indiana Prison Guard Sold Keys for $1,000 to Male Inmates

Eight women filed a civil lawsuit against a former Clark County corrections officer for allegedly selling the key to the female prison cells to two male prisonersΒ resulting inΒ numerous male inmates entering and allegedly raping, groping, harassing, assaulting, and intimidating the female detainees.Β 

WATCH: Virginia Residents Dazzled by Meteor Shower

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Virginia residents enjoyed watching a meteor shower Thursday that lit up the sky over Arlington and Loudoun Counties.

Missing Child Found Dead in Washing Machine, Parents Questioned

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The search for a missing seven-year-old in the Houston, Texas, area ended when he was found dead inside a washing machine.

U.S. Customs Officer Let Smugglers Pass in Trade for Lawnmower Repairs

A federal officer will spend two years in prison for his role in helping a group of men smuggle liquor and medicine into Texas. In trade, the smugglers fixed the officer’s lawnmower and other handyman tasks.

DOJ: Porn Website Co-Owner Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking Conspiracy that Coerced Women

The co-owner of a pornographic website pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion in a federal court in California.

Watch: Police Release Footage of Suspect Who Vandalized Pro-Life Building with Jane's Revenge Message

The Akron Police Department released surveillance footage of the suspect who allegedly spray-painted a message often associated with the pro-abortion activist group Jane's RevengeΒ on the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio's building.

Paul Pelosi Reverses and Sells Millions in Semiconductor Stocks Before Senate Subsidy Vote

Paul Pelosi, husband to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), sold up to $5 million in semiconductor shares that he recently purchased before the Senate voted on a major computer chip subsidy bill on Wednesday.

Nearly 2 Tons of 'Tesla' Cocaine Found in Mexico City

Police in Mexico City made a historic bust when they seized 3,700 pounds of cocaine hidden in two tractor-trailers. The seizure has been hailed by authorities as the largest of its kind nationally in the last 12 years. The illegal cargo featured Tesla decals on the packaging -- a common tactic of using appropriated brands to indicate the source of the drugs in question throughout the illicit supply chain.

Report: SUVs Driving Chicago Mayor Have Unpaid Speeding Tickets

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Official SUVs driving Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) around the city reportedly got three speeding tickets and two warnings over a 14-month period.

$588M Bridge in Los Angeles Closes Numerous Times Due to Illegal Activity

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) shut down the newly constructed $588 million Sixth Street Viaduct bridge again on Tuesday night due to illegal activity and safety concerns.

WATCH: Taco Bell Customers Allege Manager Threw Boiling Water at Them in Fight over Order

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A woman claims that when she and a girl recently visited a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas, they were severely injured once a store manager allegedly threw boiling water on the pair.

Wounded Texas Cop Engaged Suspect After Being Shot Three Times

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
A Missouri City, Texas, police officer is described as aΒ benevolent warrior after her encounter with a carjacking suspect who shot her three times. Despite her serious wounds, she got back up and engaged the suspect until she could no longer stand.

Police: False Bomb Threat in Nashville Revealed to Be Sex Toy

Nashville Metro police, detectives, and hazardous device units were called in on Monday eveningΒ to investigate a bomb threat that was later determined to be a sex toy.

Heartbroken Dad Slams Wisconsin Democrat Leader over Fatal Car Crash That Killed His Daughter

A heartbroken father slammed Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Janet Bewley (D) for not reaching out to him following her involvement in a fatal crash that killed his five-year-old daughter and her mother.

102-Year-Old WWII Veteran from Black Women's Unit, Romay Davis, to Receive Medal

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
When mail sent to U.S. troops began piling up in warehouses across Europe toward the end of World War II, the task of getting things back in order was given to a special unit.

Focus in Uvalde Shooting Shifts to School Officials with Suspension of Principal

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District officials suspended the principal of Robb Elementary School two months after the mass shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead. Reports indicate school employees ignored many safety protocols that could have prevented the shooter from gaining access to the school and the classroom where the slaughter took place.

VIDEO: Arizona Horse Instructor Accused of Sexual Conduct with Minors

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A horse instructor has been accused of sexual conduct with two minors in Yuma, Arizona.

Florida Man Allegedly Drove Stolen Truck to Space Force Base to Warn of Aliens Fighting Dragons

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man from Ocala, Florida, allegedly drove a stolen truck to the Patrick Space Force Base as part of a special mission, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office said.

New Jersey Woman Sentenced to 1 Year for Collecting $400K in GoFundMe Scam

A woman was recently sentenced to one year and one day in prison for her role in a GoFundMe scam in which she and an accomplice raised $400,000 for a homeless veteran using a story that turned out to be fake.

Report: Chicago Convict Allegedly Carjacks Woman While on Parole, Electronic Monitoring

A convict who allegedly carjacked a woman eating lunch in her vehicle in Chicago was already on parole for shooting someone and on electronic monitoring after a firearm possession charge.Β 

Michigan Man Dances Naked on Highway with Handgun While Doing Pushups, Police Say

A Michigan man who was seen dancing naked on a highway with a handgun was taken into protective custody, according to the Michigan State Police.

Grizzly Bear Returns to Campsite to Kill Woman Who Scared Him Off Earlier in the Night

A grizzly bear that was scared off by a woman camping in Montana returned to the campsite later that same night to kill her.

Report: Americans Flee Blue State Cities for Greener Pastures in Red, Purple States

Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities in blue states and relocating to more affordable metro areas, in part due to housing costs and inflation that are pricing them out of their origin cities, according to a report from the real estate brokerage site Redfin.

Biden State Department Official Seemingly Deletes Twitter Account After Saying 'I Prefer High Gas Prices'

A Biden administration State Department official is facing criticism after he indicated his support for higher gas prices in a now-deleted tweet, reasoning that fewer vehicles would mean fewer emissions.Β 

WATCH: Man Hit by Car, Robbed While Lying Injured in NYC Street

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man was struck by a car, then robbed while he lay injured on the pavement in the Bronx on Saturday morning.

Sailfish Stabs 73-Year-Old Woman While Fishing Off Florida Coast

A 100-pound sailfish jumped out of the water and stabbed a Maryland woman who was fishing with friends off the coast of Florida.

Serial Shoplifter Allegedly Stole 18 More Times in Chicago While on Bail

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A woman with 12 shoplifting convictions has been accused of doing the same thing 18 more times in Chicago, prosecutors said Friday.

Experts: Hunter Biden's Failure to Register as Foreign Agent Could Mean Prison

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Hunter Biden reportedly did not register as a foreign agent while making business deals overseas, according to the New York Post.

Report: Indian Politician Hospitalized After Drinking River Water to Prove It Was Clean

Authorities in Punjab, India, airlifted a top local politician to the hospital this week after he reportedly became sick from drinking river water that he had consumed in an attempt to convince constituents the water was clean.

Robbery Suspect Killed After Shooting Texas Cop in Face

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
A robbery suspect is dead after he shot a Missouri City, Texas, police officer in the face. The shooting incident took place following a police pursuit of a man suspected of a robbery that occured on the north side of Harris County (Houston).

WATCH: Texas Wind Turbine Hit by Lightning Goes Up in Flames

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A wind farm lost one of its turbines after a lightning strike on Friday reportedlyΒ caused it to catch fire in Crowell, Texas, according to Fox Weather.

VIDEO -- Brain Tumor Patient Given Months to Live Still Alive Six Years Later: 'All Glory to God'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Houston residents Israel Lemus and his wife, Samantha, are not letting a serious medical diagnosis get in the way of their future.

Monkeypox Strikes Two Children on Opposite Coasts of U.S.

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
After infecting nearly 3,000 people in the United States, two children have now contracted the monkeypox virus. The two children -- an infant and a toddler -- were on opposite coasts of the U.S. when diagnosed.

WATCH - Pilot in Crashed Plane Rescued by Lifeguard Competition Attendees: 'The Best Outcome'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A plane crash in Hunting Beach, California, on Friday resulted in no significant injuries thanks to some quick-thinking rescuers.

Report: Carjacker Targets Off-Duty Officer's Vehicle in Chicago

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A woman was reportedly carjacked at gunpoint recently and Chicago police revealed she was an off-duty officer.Β 

Police: Bronx Man Fatally Stabbed in Front of Wife by Teen in Unprovoked Attack

A man was fatally stabbed in front of his wife by a 19-year-old in an unprovoked attack in New York City, according to police.

VIDEO: GBI Investigating Woman's Death After Fall from Patrol Car

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Georgia woman who had been taken into custody fell out of a police patrol car and later died, according to authorities.

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Murders Wife During Honeymoon at Fiji Resort

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man has been accused of killing his wife during their honeymoon trip in Fiji, ABC News reported Friday.

Report: Minneapolis Neighbors Raise $210K for Extra Police Patrols

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Neighbors with the Minneapolis Safety Initiative reportedly won a contract for $210,000 for more police patrols as crime plagued the area.

CIS: Gov. Ron DeSantis 'Using Power He Does Have to Force Change' on Immigration

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
Florida's governor is working hard to address immigration-related problems in his state, as illegal aliens continued flooding the nation's border.

Trucker Protesters Halt Operations at Port of Oakland over California Labor Law

The Port of Oakland was shut down for the third day in a row on Thursday as truckers continued to protest a California gig worker labor law that could impact an estimated 70,000 truckers.

Aurora Theater Massacre Survivor Marries Responding Police Officer 10 Years Later

What started as simply getting lunch between a survivor of theΒ Aurora theater mass shooting and a police officer who responded to the scene grew into something much more than a friendship.

Watch Live: January 6 Committee Holds Another Primetime Hearing

The January 6 committee will hold another hearing on Thursday regarding the Capitol protest and riot as Congress certified the 2020 election.Β 

WATCH: Uvalde School Shooter's Mom Accosted by Family of Victim

By: Bob Price Β·Β Bob Price
Videos published by Telemundo show the mother of the Uvalde school shooter being accosted by family members of one of her son's victims. The shooter's mom tells the family she is sorry and knows her son was a "coward."

Watch: Tourist Footage Captures Hoover Dam Explosion Moments Afterward

Video footage from tourists captured the moments after a transformer exploded at the Hoover Dam, causing a fire on Tuesday.

New York City Firefighters, Good Samaritan Rescue Dog Thrown Off Bridge into River

Firefighters with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) rescued a dog that was thrown off a bridge into a river on Wednesday afternoon.

Report: Sacramento County's Homeless Population Higher than San Francisco's

The homeless population in Sacramento County has now surpassed San Francisco's, a 67 percent increase since 2019.

Strip Club Robbed of $22,000 in $1 Bills: 'I Thought It Was a Joke'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A Providence, Rhode Island, strip club was recently robbed of a huge amount of cash, most of which was in one-dollar bills.

VIDEO: 1975 Murder Solved Thanks to DNA on Airport Coffee Cup

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A man from Pennsylvania has been accused of killing a 19-year-old woman nearly 50 years ago after investigators were finally able to get his DNA sample.

Memphis Faith Leader Fatally Shot Outside Her Home During Carjacking

A faith leader was fatally shot outside her Memphis homeΒ during a carjackingΒ on Monday, according toΒ a local United Methodist Church conference.

Grand Jury May Target Parents Using Smugglers to Bring Children to Florida

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A grand jury may investigate parents employing smugglers to transport their unaccompanied children to the state of Florida, News Nation reported June 30.

Texas Dem Congressman Paid Blogger Behind Racial Posts Calling Latina Rival 'Miss Frijoles'

A Democrat congressman from Texas is linked to a local blogger who published racially charged content calling the opposing Republican Latina Congresswoman β€œMiss Frijoles.”

Bank of America Survey: Fear of Recession Looms, Investors Take Fewer Risks

Investors' fears of a recession are at their highest levels since the 2020 Chinese Coronavirus pandemic as a net 58 percent of fund managers admitted to taking fewer risks than usual, a Bank of America survey revealed.Β 

Report: NYC Family Donated $300K to Kathy Hochul Campaign After State Paid Their Business $637M for COVID Tests

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
The family of entrepreneur Charlie Tebele reportedly gaveΒ hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gov. Kathy Hochul's (D-NY) campaign, according to an article from the Times Union.

14-Year-Old Girl Sails to Victory in Bayview Mackinac Race After Navigating Alone Through Night

A 14-year-old girl and her father won the Bayview Mackinac Race after sailing for 33 hours straight and beating out the more experienced competition.Β 

Lawsuit: Skittles Contains a 'Known Toxin,' 'Unfit for Consumption'

A lawsuit against Mars Inc. claims that its Skittles product contains a "known toxin" and is "unfit for consumption."

WATCH - Brawl Erupts Among Football Players, Fans in Texas: 'Embarrassing'

By: Amy Furr Β·Β Amy Furr
A fight between the West Texas Warbirds and Dallas Prime footballs teams erupted Saturday in Odessa, Texas, inside the Ector County Coliseum.

Report: Replacing Battery for Electric Vehicle Costs More than Car Itself, Family Says

A Florida family recently discovered that replacing the battery for their electric vehicle costs more than what they paid for the car.