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China Shuts Down Factories Due to Power Shortages

China’s summertime energy crisis intensified on Wednesday with news that factories in Sichuan province have been ordered to halt production for at least six days.
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China Limits Power Use After Boasting Coal Would Save It from Blackouts

Less than a month after proudly boasting its heavy use of coal-fired power plants would spare China from blackouts and keep its factories humming, China’s industrial provinces are imposing power restrictions to control soaring demand for electricity.

Energy Emergency: Britain Planning for Days of Winter Blackouts

Households in the UK are reportedly facing the prospect of days of blackouts in the winter under an emergency energy rationing scheme.

Cuba: Women, Children Protest with Human Chain Across Havana Highway

A large group of mainly women and children formed a human chain to block a major highway outside of Havana, Cuba, on Tuesday to protest the island's poor living conditions, including worsening power outages, caused by the corruption and mismanagement of the country's communist regime, the news website Cubanet reported on Tuesday.