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North Korea Celebrates Alleged End of Coronavirus Pandemic with Communist Posters

The communist regime ruling North Korea declared victory against the Chinese coronavirus pandemic this week after only three months of having admitted to any coronavirus cases within its borders, publishing commemorative posters in its classic communist propaganda style.
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Argentina’s Ambassador to China Rails Against ‘Demonizing Communism’ in Beijing State Media

Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja scolded those who “demonize communism” and praised the Chinese Communist Party in an interview given to China's state-run Global Times on Tuesday.

U.N. Accuses China of Slavery as Human Rights Chief Stalls on Uyghur Report

The United Nations' top official on slavery declared in a world report made public on Tuesday that the Chinese Communist Party was actively enslaving members of non-Han ethnic groups in East Turkistan, an occupied region west of China, and has likely engaged in similar activities in Tibet.

China Boasts 'Increasing Important Role' in Propping up the Taliban

The Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper applauded its bosses on Tuesday for playing "an increasing important role" in helping the Taliban cement its stranglehold on Afghanistan through business ventures, particularly in pursuit of the country's vast mineral wealth.
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Socialism: Cuba Offers Chicken, Deodorant as Rewards to First Responders at Largest Fire in Nation's History

A store in Mayabeque, Cuba, boasted of rewarding first responders for helping extinguish the largest fire in the history of the nation with a meager supply of chicken, deodorant, soda, and cooking oil this week – basic goods that have for decades been considered luxuries for many suffering under communism.

Beijing Praises Viktor Orban's Hungary for Embracing Chinese Green Energy Investment

China's state-run Global Times propaganda newspaper praised the government of Hungary under self-proclaimed conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday for greenlighting the construction of a Chinese electric vehicle battery factory and being "rational and pragmatic" in maintaining friendly relations with the Chinese Communist Party.

Estonia to Remove Soviet-Era Communist Monuments

Estonia's government said Tuesday it has decided to remove a Soviet-era monument from public space in an eastern border town.

China Demands to Impose Doomed 'One Country, Two Systems' Hong Kong Policy on Taiwan

China's "Taiwan Affairs Office" declared on Thursday that the solution to tensions between the two countries is the colonization of Taiwan through "One Country, Two Systems," the policy Beijing promised to abide by in Hong Kong but flagrantly crushed in response to pro-democracy protests in 2019.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un's Sister Says He Suffered 'High and Scary' Coronavirus Fever

Senior North Korean official Kim Yo-jong, communist leader Kim Jong-un's sister, said in her first known televised speech on Thursday that the dictator had endured a "high and scary" fever during the nation's declared Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

China Uses Coronavirus to Further Crush Uyghurs with Xinjiang Lockdown

The Chinese Communist Party announced it would "close off residential communities" in the occupied Uyghur region of East Turkistan, which the Party calls Xinjiang, on Wednesday after an influx of tourists allegedly triggered an outbreak of Chinese coronavirus.

Celebrities Join Cuban Regime in Claiming That Lifting Human Rights Sanctions Will Stop Fire

Several prominent American leftist celebrities in academia and music signed a letter published by the Cuban External Relations Ministry on Wednesday demanding an end to American sanctions on the island's communist regime, falsely claiming that the sanctions block Washington from helping put out the largest fire in the nation's history.

Beijing Applauds Beyonce for Cultural Appropriation of Chinese Minority Fashion

China's Communist Party newspaper the Global Times praised leftist American musician Beyoncé on Tuesday for featuring an outfit designed by a regime-approved Chinese designer and appropriating elements of the Yi ethnic minority's culture.

Beijing Uses Raging Oil Facility Fire to Expand Influence in Cuba

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping contacted his communist counterpart, figurehead Cuban "president" Miguel Díaz-Canel, on Monday to lend support in the face of a massive oil tank fire at a facility in northern Matanzas that has been raging since Friday.

China Announces Major Gasoline Price Cut After Biden Sends Strategic Reserve Oil to Beijing

China's government-run Xinhua News Agency announced on Tuesday that the Communist Party would lower gasoline and diesel prices nationwide, a move following growing purchases of cheap Russian petroleum products and of American gasoline leftist President Joe Biden released from the country's Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

China Puppets: Socialist Argentina Condemns Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan Trip

The socialist government of Argentina joined several other impoverished nations in condemning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Sunday for visiting Taiwan and loudly proclaiming its allegiance to communist China.

Chinese State Media Cites Peter Schweizer, Breitbart to Attack Nancy Pelosi

China's government-run Global Times newspaper cited reporting by New York Times bestselling author and Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer on Saturday to argue that Beijing sanctions imposed on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will have a substantial impact on her personal wealth.

Taiwan Condemns China for Blocking Some of World's 'Busiest' Waters to Protest Pelosi

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen condemned China on Thursday for launching missiles “into some of the busiest transportation corridors in the world” in an ongoing attempted protest against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visiting the island nation.

Volodymyr Zelensky Asks Xi Jinping for Talks, Invites China to Rebuild Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the South China Morning Post on Thursday that he would like to discuss his country's war against Russia with the leader of Russia's closest ally, Xi Jinping, "directly," and invited China to help rebuild Ukraine once the war is over.

China Ends Climate, Drugs, Military Talks to Punish U.S. over Pelosi Taiwan Trip

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Friday it would take a series of eight measures against the administration of leftist President Joe Biden, including halting "climate" talks and military coordination, in response to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visiting Taiwan.

Report: Mexico Agreed to Pay $1 Million a Month for Cuban Slave Doctors

The Mexican newspaper El Financiero claimed on Wednesday to be privy to leaked documents showing leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador agreeing to pay communist Cuba more than $1 million a month for medical slave labor.

Broke Sri Lanka, Taliban, Cuba, North Korea Attack Pelosi in Bid for Chinese Cash

A parade of impoverished, repressive socialist regimes lined up on Wednesday and Thursday to condemn Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for visiting Taiwan — an attempt to court Chinese investment and political support as their economies sink and popular discontent reaches a fever pitch.

China Defends Taliban Jihadis' 'Sovereignty' Against U.S. Airstrike Killing Al-Qaeda Chief

The Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese government media commentary scolded the administration of leftist American President Joe Biden on Tuesday for executing a successful airstrike against al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan, claiming the move violated the "sovereignty" of the reigning Taliban terrorist organization.

Communists Put on Feeble Taipei Protest Against 'American Witch' Nancy Pelosi

A small group of representatives from pro-communist organizations in Taiwan attempted to organize a protest against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visiting the country mustering what appeared to be less than a dozen people at one protest holding up a sign reading "American witch get out of Taiwan, China."

Cuba Sees Island-Wide Protests over Scheduled Rolling Blackouts

Cuban citizens took to the streets nationwide on Monday to protest the communist Castro regime, specifically objecting to the nation’s collapsing power grid, which necessitates scheduled rolling blackouts.

Nancy Pelosi Departs Taiwan with State Honor, Says China's Tantrum over Visit 'Doesn't Really Matter'

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) departed Taiwan late on Wednesday after a 19-hour visit that included visits with that country's legislature and President Tsai Ing-wen – and an ongoing barrage of hateful invective from neighboring China, including live fire drills and threats to shoot down Pelosi's plane.

China: Joe Biden 'Has a Responsibility to Stop' Nancy Pelosi from Visiting Taiwan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued an infuriated statement on Tuesday condemning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for visiting Taiwan and insisting that President Joe Biden "has a responsibility to stop" lawmakers from traveling to places Beijing disapproves of.

Taiwan Airports Face Bomb Threat Ahead of Potential Nancy Pelosi Visit

Taiwan's major airports received nine threats, including bomb threats, on Tuesday alone in anticipation of a reported, but yet unconfirmed, visit by U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to the island nation this week, the country's Liberty Times reported.

Colombia Peace Deal Fail: Police Says FARC Spent $1.6 Million to Kill Conservative President

A high-ranking terrorist in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has invested $1.6 million in attempting to assassinate conservative Colombian President Iván Duque, a top police official revealed last week, shortly before the nation's first-ever leftist president takes power.

Berlusconi Open to Italy Being Led by Firebrand Anti-Communist Meloni

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has stated he is open to Italy being led by populist firebrand Giorgia Meloni, known for her fierce anti-communist rhetoric and socially conservative stances on abortion and gay marriage.

China: 'Evil' U.S. Anti-Slavery Law Has 'Dealt a Big Blow' to Our Businesses

China's Global Times propaganda newspaper admitted this week, citing interviews with business owners and administrators, that the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act has "dealt a big blow" to Chinese businesses in the occupied East Turkistan region where China is committing genocide against Uyghurs and other Turkic people.

Kim Jong-un Says North Korea 'Fully Ready' to Use Nuclear Bombs at Any Time

North Korea's communist dictator Kim Jong-un declared in a speech on Wednesday that his regime is "fully ready" to deploy its "nuclear deterrent," meaning its illegal nuclear bombs, if necessary against the United States and its allies.

Chinese CDC Head, Who Admitted Wuhan Coronavirus Origin and Vaccine Failures, Resigns

The director for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Gao Fu, announced he would step down this week, the state-run Global Times revealed on Wednesday.

Anti-Communist Activist Detained in U.K. for 'Fake' Bomb Email, Says China Sending Him Hourly Threats

An attorney for Australian activist Drew Pavlou, who has spent years advocating against Chinese Communist Party atrocities, accused the "Chinese state" in an interview on Monday of framing his client with a fake bomb threat email to London's Chinese embassy.

Beijing Promotes Disney Exhibition 'to Combine Mickey Mouse and Chinese Culture'

China's Global Times state propaganda newspaper published a story promoting a Disney exhibit in Beijing on Monday in which the entertainment giant invited Communist Party-approved artists to reimagine Mickey Mouse in the context of "Chinese culture."

If I had a hammer & sickle

(Scott Johnson)

Ron Radosh was a student and follower of Pete Seeger. Ron recalls his personal relationship with Seeger as well as Seeger’s loyalty to the vagaries of the Communist Party line in his memoir Commies: A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left, published by Encounter Books in 2001. Encounter has kept it in print along with the rest of the back catalog.

In 1941 Seeger was a member of the Almanac Singers. Ron recounts the release of the Almanac Singers’ album Songs for John Doe that year (any typos are mine):

Released during the week in June 1941 when Hitler broke his pact with Stalin and invaded the USSR, the antiwar album was filled with hard-hitting songs that called for no intervention in European battles on behalf of British imperialism, and condemned Roosevelt as a war-mongering fascist who worked for J.P. Morgan. “I hate war, and so does Eleanor, and we won’t be safe till everybody’s dead,” went a rollicking verse to the tune of “Jesse James.” Another, written to the melody of “Cripple Creek,” proclaimed “Franklin D., Franklin D., you ain’t gonna send us across the sea.” It was pure party-line propaganda.

It was ill-timed propaganda at that:

In true Communist fashion, Pete and his comrades had to respond immediately to the change in the party line that occurred when Hitler invaded the USSR. That meant a recall of the album just beginning to be produced. All pressings were destroyed, leaving only a few for posterity. Soon the Almanacs released an apology, “Dear Mr. President,” in which Pete lamented, in the understatement of the time, “Dear Mr. President, we haven’t always agreed in the past, I know” and went on to say he was ready to “turn in my banjo for something that makes a little more noise,” i.e., a machine gun.

Radosh winds up this part of the story as follows:

My friend Pete, then, was not just another antiwar activist. He was for peace during the Nazi-Soviet Pact, but called for U.S. intervention after the Soviet Union was invaded. Then during the Cold War, when Stalin tried to expand the Soviet sphere in Europe, the time had come to order a new peace offensive. So Seeger made the transition from war to peace songs, bolstering the Soviet Union’s Stockholm Peace Petition, which called for unilateral Western disarmament. “Put my name down, brother, where do I sign, I’m going to join the fight for peace, right down the line.”

In 2005 Howard Husock told Seeger’s story at length in the City Journal essay “America’s most successful Communist.”

It is somehow fitting in the Age of Biden that Seeger is to be honored with a stamp issued by the United States Postal Service. While the true authors and heroes of American liberty are defamed and dishonored, the likes of Seeger are to be celebrated. This is our history, Postal Service style:

“He was not only a champion of traditional American music, he was also celebrated as a unifying power by promoting a variety of causes, such as civil rights, workers’ rights, social justice, the peace movement and protecting the environment,” said Tom Foti, the postal service’s product solutions vice president.

There is a lesson there somewhere, but not the one that the USPS draws. And the linked AP story from which I am quoting only goes so far as to mention Seeger’s “Communist affiliations.” Seeger was a member of the Communist Party in the heyday of American Communism. That was his principal Communist affiliation.

I wrote Professor Harvey Klehr for comment this morning. Professor Klehr is our foremost historian of American Communism. He graciously responded:

Seeger was obviously a significant influence on American folk music, but I was struck by the Post Office statement – which totally ignored his long-standing ties to the Communist movement and praised his long-time activities on behalf of peace and civil rights.

Honesty would have compelled them to admit that he supported peace when the USSR did so and opposed opposition to fascism when the Soviet Union allied itself to Hitler to start World War II. He supported civil rights in the US, but could not bring himself to denounce Soviet repression of dissidents.

He was a Stalinist who partially repented only towards the end of his life. I find it ironic that people today who support canceling celebrities and performers for opinions and actions from years ago will likely have nothing to say about honoring Seeger.

As for myself, there are plenty of writers, actors, musicians, etc., whose politics I deplore but whose talents I enjoy. Erasing them from history doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

That says it all. I am pleased to add Professor Klehr’s comment to the record.

Cuba: Communists Violently Arrest 'Water Bike' Refugee Joe Biden Deported

The family of Alejandro Tamayo Chacón managed to record the 23-year-old's violent arrest by Cuban repressive forces, Miami's Telemundo 51 reported Sunday, shortly after the administration of leftist President Joe Biden deported him and two associates photographed attempting to reach America on a water bike.

Sri Lanka's Envoy to Beijing: Blaming Chinese Debt Traps for Sri Lanka's Collapse 'Propaganda'

Sri Lanka's ambassador to China Palitha Kohona told the Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times in an interview published on Monday that anyone blaming Beijing's predatory loans for Sri Lanka's economic disaster was spreading "convenient propaganda" and calling China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) a "debt trap" is a "gross exaggeration."

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan Speaks at Event Linked to Soviet-Admiring Marxists

FTC chairwoman Lina Khan, one of the highest-ranking federal appointments made by the Biden administration, will today speak at the Law and Political Economy project (LPE) of Yale Law School, an academic organization that has a syllabus on Soviet law, and hosts events with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Cuba: Pregnant Woman Hospitalized After Police Beatings in Communist Food Line Brawl

A chaotic brawl on a ration line to buy chicken on Saturday resulted in Cuban state security officials brutalizing civilians and left a pregnant woman, who reportedly fainted on the scene, hospitalized.