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Furry fury as convention goes 18+ in reaction to DeSantis law: 'Heartbreaking'

Megaplex, a furry convention, announce Wednesday that it would be restricting its attendance to adults 18 and older due to Florida’s β€œadult entertainment" laws.

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Civil Rights leaders, scholars, descendants of slaves speak out on reparations for Black Americans

Fox News Digital explored the case for and against reparations by hearing directly from influential voices within the African-American community, highlighting the varied perspectives on the contested issues.

Kickstarter abruptly suspends comic project for 'defying transgenderism'

Hans G. Schantz’s illustrated novel about a biology teacher defying transgenderism had its Kickstarter project canceled after previously reaching its target goal.

Pat McAfee's deal with ESPN amid layoffs draws raises eyebrows: report

Pat McAfee and the rest of his team are leaving FanDuel for ESPN but the hire didn't exactly make everyone happy as the company goes through layoffs.

Stores selling Bud Light for free as Mulvaney backlash continues

Some local stores are selling Bud Light products for free because of a Memorial Day rebate special and a reduced price for the brand since its online backlash.

GREG GUTFELD: We're finally seeing what happens when you push nice people too far

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld showcases what happened to protesters who blocked traffic during rush hour and a TikToker who films himself doing various stunts on "Gutfeld!"

Ice Cube says AI is 'demonic,' will get 'backlash from real people'

Rapper Ice Cube said during an appearance on the "Full Send Podcast" that artificial intelligence is "demonic" and predicted it would receive backlash.

GREG GUTFELD: Have we reached peak trans yet?

'Gutfeld!' panelists discuss Target selling 'tuck-friendly' swimsuits and some southern stores moving the merchandise away from the front of the store.

Kathy Griffin said she still hasn't made up with Anderson Cooper after he rebuked her for Trump head photo

Kathy Griffin said that she still hasn't made amends with CNN's Anderson Cooper, years after he rebuked her publicly for posing with a fake severed head that resembledΒ Trump.

Washington Post says Biden has 'real issue' with age: 'Public has a right to know'

The Washington Post editorial board expressed concern over President Biden's age on Friday and argued that it's an issue he has to address heading into 2024.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO booed during commencement speech: 'Pay your writers!'

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav was booed while giving his commencement speech at Boston University on Sunday due to the ongoing Hollywood writers' strike.