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Biden thinks stock market doesn't matter: Here's what he doesn't get

Despite what Biden thinks, the stock market matters. The direction of share prices influences consumer behavior, which helps drive spending, job growth and ... elections.

Post-ESG era for corporations, investment nears

Many asset managers and mutual funds seem to have forgotten, ignored or neglected basic principles when it comes to corporate investing and Environmental Social and Governance, or ESG.

Biden at United Nations is just another clown show

What to make of the annual international gabfest that is the UN General Assembly? When the next day comes, we’ve all forgotten all about it.

Banned Books Week looks more like Porn for Kids Week

Banned Books Week is a marketing campaign pretending to be a protest. Nine out of the Most Challenged Books are β€œconsidered to be sexually explicit.”

The end is near for Putin's war against Ukraine

Putin said he will call up reservists and he threatened to use nuclear weapons if Russian territory is in danger. But Putin isn't fooling anybody.

Ukraine's China problem, and how to solve it

Before taxpayer dollars are spent on Ukraine’s reconstruction, there’s a serious problem: Zelenskyy opened the door to Chinese participation.

The end of academia's Gilded Age

America has a student loan problem, the real issue is that the cost of college tuition has skyrocketed and the value of a diploma has plummeted.

GREG GUTFELD: Media has shifted focus 'from Don to Ron'

Greg Gutfeld discussed the mainstream media's portrayal of Republican candidates, most recently Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on 'Gutfeld!'

Woke Wall Street is in for a reckoning

By: Rick Scott Β·Β Evan Hafer
Woke Wall Street elites have tried to replace our system of free-market capitalism with Environmental, Social, and Governance, also known as 'ESG.'

3 ways Biden makes inflation worse

President Biden has added $4.8 trillion to our long-term debt, spurring the highest inflation in 40 years and crushing the well-being of average Americans.

Inflation will pick midterm election winner in November

Americans are very concerned about inflation. They see it at the gas station and the grocery store. While the liberal media can hide some things, they can't hide this.

GREG GUTFELD: Martha's Vineyard exposes liberal hypocrisy

Greg Gutfeld talks about Martha's Vineyard shipping migrants out of town less than two days after arrival and how it exposes their hypocrisy on "Gutfeld!"

How my son Peter Doocy was almost named after a city in Tennessee

One of the hardest decisions we faced as a family was what to name our children. Here's the story of how we almost named our first-born after a city in the Tennessee.

Biden administration blind to bad optics on inflation, immigration: Joe Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the panned optics of President Biden's inflation bill celebration and other recent White House controversies.

Why Hispanic Heritage Month matters more than ever

The Hispanic community across America is united by a belief in the American Dream. This is a time to celebrate our contributions to this great country and set the record straight.

Ken Starr was a historic legal figure and a truly decent human being

Ken Starr excelled at being a lawyer and he loved it. He was one of the most important legal figures of the 20th Century. He also was a man of faith.

GREG GUTFELD: Democrats think you're the real enemy

Greg Gutfeld discusses what issues the Democrats and progressives ignore and what issue they're running on for the 2022 midterm elections on "Gutfeld!"

Biden's student loan handout will allow college cartel to shake down taxpayers for more

President Biden's student loan handout showers dollars on people with graduate degrees, sticks taxpayers with a staggering tab, and subsidizes overpriced colleges.

Biden's proposed Title IX re-write fails the test

The Biden administration’s proposed re-write of Title IX would only advance an extreme political agenda over doing what’s right for students.

GREG GUTFELD: The mainstream media hates regular Americans

Greg Gutfeld discusses how progressives try to tear down anything that unifies America and suggests that he can be more unifying than the left on "Gutfeld!"

Charlie Hurt: All these Democrat-led cities are abandoning basic civilization

Charlie Hurt discusses with Gutfeld the sewage leaking in the San Francisco bay and joke about how this could help the fertilizer crisis in the US on "Gutfeld!"

Melania Trump: Education is the key to innovation and individual exceptionalism

Schools provide the foundation of one's ability to thrive within society, and the well-being of the next generation is dependent on how we, as citizens, support their academic efforts.

GREG GUTFELD: Let the left live in 'fantasy land'

Greg Gutfeld discussed how the right needs to focus on people's real concerns and let the left live in their 'fantasy land' on Wednesday's "Gutfeld!"

Is Biden's student debt handout worth it? Nobody knows

There's a serious question about whether President Biden’s proposal to forgive a huge chunk of student debt is the sort of thing a president can do.

GREG GUTFELD: Joe Biden divides America instead of unifying

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discussed President Joe Biden's divisive speech last week where he ripped into "MAGA Republicans" on Tuesday's "Gutfeld!"

Biden's student loan handout will exacerbate exploding college costs

Instead of improving access and affordability, taxpayers are subsidizing a tuition spending race that has made college less affordable and less accessible.

GREG GUTFELD: Biden made a wartime speech for Americans against Americans

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed President Biden's Thursday night speech, claiming the real "threat to democracy" is not the "MAGA Republicans" but the Democratic Party.

How the DOJ has built a case against Trump for obstruction

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy states the Department of Justice has outlined a convincing case of obstruction of justice against former President Trump.