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'The View' hosts slam criticism of Biden's 'where's Jackie' gaffe, say America is 'ageist'

"The View" host Sunny Hostin said America was "ageist" on Thursday as the hosts slammed criticism of President Biden's "where's Jackie" comments on Wednesday.

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President Biden shocks Twitter with cringeworthy gaffe about deceased congresswoman

President Biden raised eyebrows on Wednesday when he searched the crowd for a deceased congresswoman during a speech at a White House summit on hunger and nutrition.

All-American swimmer who raced Lia Thomas says Rand Paul 'stood up for me' in new ad

All-American swimmer Riley ,Gaines is supporting Senator Rand Paul’s re-election bid, stating he is β€œnot afraid to fight for fairness” in a new campaign ad. Gaines says she thinks the Biden administration is β€œabsolutely not pro-women” and have β€œregressive” policies.

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States get final OK to build highway EV charging network

A nationwide network of EV charging stations received final approval on Tuesday as part of President Joe Biden's effort to encourage broad scale use of electric vehicles.

Biden thinks stock market doesn't matter: Here's what he doesn't get

Despite what Biden thinks, the stock market matters. The direction of share prices influences consumer behavior, which helps drive spending, job growth and ... elections.

Republicans building a massive Biden accountability agenda for 2023

Republicans have used resolutions of inquiry to press Biden for accountability on a range of issues, and those will fuel the GOP's agenda in 2023 if they take back the House.

STEVE HILTON: President Biden is truly a disgrace, let's be better than him

Fox News' Steve Hilton slams President Biden as a "dictator who wants a one party state," following Biden's statement that "every single" Republican should be voted out of office.

Taiwan official warns China, 'We will never surrender our freedom'

Taiwan's Counsel General James J.K. Lee rallies the world to help Taiwan amid growing threats from China. Taiwan continues to face daily threats from Beijing.

North Dakota political murder 'lands in the lap' of Joe Biden: Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro blamed President Biden's recent rhetoric for fueling "extremist hate" prior to the slaying of an 18-year-old because of his conservative political views.

CDC director dodges questions on whether COVID pandemic is over

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky avoided explaining on Thursday whether or not the coronavirus pandemic was over after President Biden’s previous declaration.

Biden's handling of the economy put to the test; Americans weigh in

People in New York and San Francisco rated how well President Biden has handled the economy, as inflation continues to soar and a potential recession looms.

ABC, NBC, CBS give Biden a pass on border fentanyl crisis, study shows

President Biden and his administration have gotten a pass from ABC, NBC and CBS when the networks cover the ongoing fentanyl crisis, according to a new study.

Biden calls on UN to expand permanent members of Security Council

President Biden called on the UN to expand the number of permanent members of the Security Council as Russia again expanded its war effort in Ukraine.

Biden reaffirms 'one China' policy at UN after saying US troops would defend Taiwan

President Biden said the U.S. is "committed" to the "one China" policy at the 77th UN General Assembly after causing a stir this week when he said the U.S. would send to troops to Taiwan if need be.

California Democrat blames Republicans for making border crisis worse

Democratic Rep. Raul Ruiz defended the Biden Administration’s "humanitarian" record on the border, suggesting that Republicans are using the crisis to boost their brands.

3 ways Biden makes inflation worse

President Biden has added $4.8 trillion to our long-term debt, spurring the highest inflation in 40 years and crushing the well-being of average Americans.

Biden economic adviser: Government policy not contributing to inflation

Chief economist and economic policy adviser to President Biden Jared Bernstein defends the administration's actions despite skyrocketing inflation ahead of the midterm elections on "The Story."

US contractor freed by Taliban in swap for drug trafficker

An American contractor, Mark Frerichs, has been freed after talks between the United States and the Taliban. He was abducted in January of 2020 in Kabul