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Biden is sinking like a stone and UAW members are staying on the sidelines this time

President Biden desperately needs union workers to vote for him this time around if he wants to keep his seat in the Oval Office. Is it any wonder that he's joining the UAW on the picket line?

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18-year-old tree trimmer killed after log rolls off trailer in northeast Indiana

Braeden Depew, an 18-year-old tree-trimming service employee from Kokomo, Indiana, has been reported dead after being struck by a log that fell from a trailer.

UAW Strike: Biden has started a war Democrats can't win. It's greens vs. unions

The UAW strike has revealed something very important about the state of today's Democratic Party. Joe Biden has pitted the labor wing of his party against the greens. How does it end?

AOC grilled on her non-union electric vehicle while supporting UAW strike

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., agreed that she owns a non-union made vehicle despite supporting the UAW strike because it was purchased during the pandemic.

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Australia shifts focus to sustained, inclusive full employment in new economic policy

Australia is set to unveil a new economic policy that prioritizes sustained and inclusive full employment, marking a strategic move to build upon its robust labor market.

Strike at Mercedes supplier ZF's Alabama plant demands better pay and benefits

Around 190 workers for ZF, a Mercedes-Benz supplier, have initiated a strike seeking improved wages, healthcare benefits, and an end to wage-tier disparities.

Biden’s advisors fear Trump is winning the political battle as auto workers strike

President Biden’s close advisors β€œfear that Donald Trump is outmaneuvering them" as thousands of UAW workers strike in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, per Politico.

While you struggle with inflation, smug elites say, 'Let them eat cake!'

Americans have experienced inflation that hasn’t been seen in four decades, all resulting from a combination of monetary, fiscal and other government policies.

Anchorage, Alaska, scrambles to find housing for the homeless as winter approaches

As winter nears, Anchorage, Alaska, is scrambling to house its 3,000 homeless people. The city, which was recently approved for $4 million in funds, still needs about 500 winter beds.

The greatest threat to America’s power grid is not what you think

The greatest threat to America’s power grid is Democrat policies. Renewable subsidies and mandates distort electricity markets, jeopardizing baseload power.

Biden admin claims economic policies are 'working,' but its own data paint a very different picture

The White House and other administration officials say that Bidenomics is "working" despite recent data from the Census Bureau stating that real median household income fell from 2021 to 2022.

Instead of reparations, expandΒ opportunities for Blacks

Reparations are bad policy and incredibly divisive. Instead, here are some better ways to overcome downstream effects of slavery and segregation for Black Americans.

Biden keeps crushing the American dream of owning a home

President Joe Biden claims that his 'Bidenomics' plan is restoring the American Dream. Say what? His reckless policies are keeping first-time home buyers out of the market.

Why US consumers may crush Biden’s reelection hopes

September has arrived and the 2024 presidential campaign is starting to heat up. President Biden and his team are focused on the success of Bidenomics. But the glow may be short lived.

This Labor Day, let's get real about how things have gotten better for workers in the USA

Things have changed dramatically for American workers in 10 years. Many of us now work from home at least one day a week. Technology and culture have changed how we work.

Chinese cities introduce measures to boost real estate sector

Prominent Chinese urban centers have unveiled plans to extend preferential loan opportunities for prospective first-time homebuyers, irrespective of their credit history.

Japan sees signs of turning point in decades-long battle with deflation

Japan's prolonged struggle against deflation may be reaching a pivotal moment, with both rising prices and wages indicating a potential shift, according to the government on Tuesday.

South Korea unveils smallest budget increase in 20 years amidst weakened tax revenue

South Korea's government is preparing to boost its budget spending for the upcoming year to nearly $497B in 2024. However, this increase is the smallest seen in the last 20 years.

Japanese financial regulator to monitor BOJ amid shifting central bank policies

Japan's financial regulator will maintain a close watch on the impact of central bank policies on regional banks as the nation moves towards normalizing its monetary strategies.

Thyssenkrupp Nucera unveils growth plans amid strong financial results

Thyssenkrupp Nucera, the company with a majority ownership by Thyssenkrupp following its public debut, unveiled its expansion plans after reporting robust sales and operating income.

Mom who refuses to let teenage son get a job sparks debate: Is a work ethic overrated?

A mom who refuses to let her teenage son get a job said she is willing to 'fund his existence' so he can enjoy the last years of his youth and pursue his passions without worrying about the pressures of working.