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Over 900 apply for NY state recreational marijuana licenses

New York state has received over 900 applications for licenses to sell recreational marijuana. The state will first accept 150 applicants with previous marijuana convictions.

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Biden thinks stock market doesn't matter: Here's what he doesn't get

Despite what Biden thinks, the stock market matters. The direction of share prices influences consumer behavior, which helps drive spending, job growth and ... elections.

Post-ESG era for corporations, investment nears

Many asset managers and mutual funds seem to have forgotten, ignored or neglected basic principles when it comes to corporate investing and Environmental Social and Governance, or ESG.

NBC's Chuck Todd suggests welcoming more migrants will solve the inflation crisis

NBC’s Chuck Todd defended illegal immigration and record border crossings by suggesting it could solve the ongoing inflation crisis on Sunday’s β€œMeet the Press.”

The Speaker’s Lobby: The 'Uber-Woke' Sweepstakes

In a Senate Banking Committee hearing, CEOs of the nation's major banks testified about a variety of issues, but it was social policy that stole the show.

Do solar panels always save on energy bills?

Energy consumer Curtis Jarvis detailed the financial costs behind owning solar panels to provide him green energy Friday on "Jesse Watters Primetime."

Biden's handling of the economy put to the test; Americans weigh in

People in New York and San Francisco rated how well President Biden has handled the economy, as inflation continues to soar and a potential recession looms.

Fortune magazine headline insists people β€˜should be happy’ about inflation

Fortune magazine was ridiculed on Tuesday for promoting an article arguing that people should be β€œhappy” with record-high inflation rates despite its impact on the economy.

West Virginia Department of Transportation hiring new trainees, inspectors

The West Virginia Department of Transportation in Marshall County is taking applications. Entry-level transportation technician trainees and bridge inspectors can apply until Oct. 8.

This is the 'story of the midterms': Josh Kraushaar

The "Special Report" All-Star panel looked ahead to the outcomes of the approaching midterm elections and the issues driving the elections on Tuesday.

3 ways Biden makes inflation worse

President Biden has added $4.8 trillion to our long-term debt, spurring the highest inflation in 40 years and crushing the well-being of average Americans.

Inflation will pick midterm election winner in November

Americans are very concerned about inflation. They see it at the gas station and the grocery store. While the liberal media can hide some things, they can't hide this.

Biden economic adviser: Government policy not contributing to inflation

Chief economist and economic policy adviser to President Biden Jared Bernstein defends the administration's actions despite skyrocketing inflation ahead of the midterm elections on "The Story."

Tim Scott suggests 'The Inflation Acceleration Act' is a better name for Biden's legislation

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott criticized President Biden and the Democrats’ role in increasing inflation rates and financial hardships on β€œSunday Night in America.”

Biden, Democrats falsely frame Green movement as 'economic': Charles Payne

The left's green energy transition by force is rooted in leftists' historic quest for control of the population since the aftermath of the industrial revolution, Charles Payne says on "Life, Liberty & Levin."

Railway Labor Unions reach deal

After nearly 20 hours of negotiations, the 13 U.S. railway labor unions have reached a tentative agreement with U.S. railroads.

Coloradans launch new initiative to allocate state income tax to affordable housing

Colorado residents launched an initiative that would allocate $300 million in state income tax annually to affordable housing, an effort to fight sky-high housing prices.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle admits 'your raises mean nothing' because of rising inflation

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle who previously downplayed inflation, attacked the massive inflation rates that were released on Tuesday while appearing on β€œJosΓ© DΓ­az-Balart Reports.”

JESSE WATTERS: Biden's entire presidency is a cover-up built on lies

Fox News host Jesse Watters calls out President Biden’s leadership as he celebrates the Inflation Reduction Act in a rough economy on β€œJesse Watters Primetime.”

White House doesn't know how to deal with inflation: Ben Domenech

Bret Baier spoke with Ben Domenech on "Special Report" about the sprint to the midterms and how big a role inflation and abortion rights will play come November.

San Bernardino ends decade-long bankruptcy status

San Bernardino finally closes its decade-long bankruptcy case. The Southern California city now has a budget surplus compared to its $45 million budget shortfall in 2012.

Bill Gates concerned about maintaining focus on public health during economic downturn

As the world is still economically recovering from the COVID pandemic, Bill Gates worries that finding funding to assist countries with public health issues will only get harder.

Army suggests food stamps for soldiers battling inflation

Guidance from the U.S. Army for soldiers struggling with inflation suggests that eligible service members and families apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

NPR report defends ESG, says Republicans are 'trying to score political points'

NPR published a news report by its "climate and corporations correspondent" slamming Republicans as opposing ESG policies for their own political benefit.

WaPo reports Americans are β€˜finally feeling better’ about having to deal with inflation

The Washington Post published a news article Saturday that claimed Americans are "feeling better" about inflation despite the economic hardship it continues to cause them.

Brian Kilmeade: Inflation's the number 1 issue

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade investigated the state of the U.S. economy as inflation persists nationwide in Saturday's opening monologue of "One Nation."