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Machete-wielding man fatally shot by Sacramento deputy

A California man armed with a machete was shot and killed by a Sacramento County deputy. The official was responding to a report that a woman’s husband was suicidal.

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Sentencing delayed for man who plotted to blow up Democratic HQ

A man planned to firebomb California’s Democratic Party’s headquarters. However, his sentencing has been delayed after a judge rejected a plea agreement.

Woman, teen arrested in fatal shooting of rapper PnB Rock

A woman, 38, and a minor were arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of rapper PnB Rock. The Philadelphia artist was gunned down at a Los Angeles restaurant.

Mountain lion attacks 7-year-old boy in California park

A mountain lion attacked a 7-year-old boy at Pico Canyon Park near Santa Clarita. The father was able to chase the cougar away and the boy’s injuries were non-life-threatening.

Robert F. Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan is asking a judge to free him from prison

The man who killed Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, is asking a judge to free him from prison. This would require reversing a previous decision by Gov. Gavin Newsom to deny him parole.

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Mountain lion in California found dead from mange

A 5-year-old female cougar, who was tracked in a two-decade study, was the first to die of complications from mange. The mountain lion was also exposed to rat poison.

Libertarian group files lawsuit to block student debt cancellation

Libertarian group Pacific Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit to challenge President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel student debt. The group claims it would increase tax burdens.

California inmate on death row dies of natural causes

A 75-year-old California inmate, who was sentenced to death for murdering a bartender, has died of natural causes at an outside hospital.

CA man sentenced for fraudulently obtaining $5 million in COVID-19 relief loans

A man was sentenced to four years of federal prison for one count of bank fraud and one count of money laundering. The Irvine man obtained $5 million in COVID-19 relief loans.

Probation officer found dead after home invasion in California

A veteran Los Angeles probation officer was found dead with blunt head trauma after her Lancaster home was invaded. Deputies have detained a man after responding to a report.

California man sentenced for selling bogus aircraft parts - again

A California man, who already went to prison for selling counterfeit aircraft parts, is sentenced to another four years in federal prison for committing the same fraud again.

Gov. Gavin Newsom rejects mandatory kindergarten law

The California governor has vetoed the mandatory kindergarten legislation due to budgeting reasons. Gov. Gavin Newsom cited the costs would have amounted to $268 million annually.

California man arrested after planning β€˜Las Vegas-style’ mass shooting, police say

Dallas Marsh, 37, was arrested in Chico, California, on Saturday after investigators obtained evidence that he was planning a "Las Vegas-style" mass shooting, police said.

Suspect killed after hitting deputy with car, pinning the officer between 2 vehicles in CA

A suspect was fatally shot after he struck a deputy with his car, pinned him between two vehicles, and then threatened the officers with a weapon in San Bernardino, California.

Baby shower shooting injures 2 bystanders in Southern California

A shooter injured two innocent bystanders when he opened fire at a baby shower in Lancaster, California. The gunman intended to shoot another man he was fighting with.

Bear fatally stuck by car on California highway

A black bear died after a car crashed into the animal on State Route 178 in Southern California. This was the second bear to get struck on the remote highway.

Los Angeles County drops mask mandate for public transit

Los Angeles County on Friday drooped its mask mandate for public transit as the county now falls under the federal government's "low" COVID activity level.

Mother, stepfather arrested for allegedly killing and abusing 6-year-old son

A mother and a stepfather were arrested for child abuse and murder after police found the 6-year-old boy's body. The child was not breathing and had bodily injuries.

Investment company executive charged for allegedly withholding millions of dollars from clients

The head of two investment companies was charged with fraud for allegedly bilking millions of dollars from his clients. The executive used the money to purchase personal items.

Driver sentenced for killing mother, 2 children in car crash

A driver was sentenced for killing two kids and their mother on a California highway. The driver was attempting to commit suicide when he veered into oncoming traffic at 119 mph.

San Diego apologizes for supporting WWII detention camps

The San Diego City Council has rescinded a resolution that was passed during WWII to support the incarceration of Japanese Americans in prison camps.

California thieves target T-Mobile shop in smash-and-grab job

Two thieves pulled a smash-and-grab job inside a California T-Mobile shop and were seen making off with the goods and into a waiting vehicle, police said.

San Diego to pay $600K to woman attacked by police dog

A California woman was severely injured when an escaped police dog attacked her. After accusing the city of negligence, San Diego plans to pay the woman $600K.

Former USC dean pleads guilty in political bribery case

A former dean at the University of Southern California pleaded guilty to a political bribery case. The dean illegally funneled $100,00 to a politician’s son’s non-profit.

Suspect on the run after stabbing hospital employee in southern California

A man who reportedly attacked a hospital worker at Mission Community Hospital in California is still on the run. The hospital says the employee and suspect do not know each other.

California motorcyclist ejected in crash, fatally struck by train

A motorcyclist in Oakland, CA, lost control after crashing into a metal fence. The motorcyclist fell onto railroad tracks and was then fatally struck by a train.

California mudslide sweeps family’s Jeep down hillside, video shows

A family living in Forest Falls, California, witnessed a mudslide hurtle past their home and sweep away their Jeep down a hillside last week after heavy downpours.

California deputy fatally shoots man attacking people with bricks

A deputy shot and killed a suspect who used a large brick to attack people. The man was involved in a fight outside a Fresno home, which included two injured victims.

California’s Newsom signs bill that cracks down on hate crime

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that cracks down on hate crime by ensuring that burning crosses or using swastikas and nooses carry the same penalty.

Los Angeles police officers shoot man holding realistic-looking airsoft rifle

A man brandishing a realistic-looking airsoft rifle was shot dead Saturday by Los Angeles police officers responding to a domestic disturbance call at a residential address.

Car plunges into California Trader Joe's store, injuring 8 people

A car driven by a senior citizen plunged into the Castro Valley Trader Joe's store in California, injuring eight and sending four people to the hospital, including an employee.

California launches new initiative to drive up tourism to Native communities

California has announced a new initiative to attract more tourism to Native communities. The federally funded program aims to tackle COVID's economic impact.

12-year-old boy charged in California school shooting

A 12-year-old boy was charged in a school shooting case in Oakland, California. The boy injured a fellow student when he accidently fired a gun he brought to campus.

2 suspects arrested in connection with burglary at Rep. Karen Bass home: Police

Los Angeles police announced Wednesday that two suspects were arrested in connection with a burglary last week at the Los Angeles home of Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kuehl has warrant served at her home

LA County deputies served warrants at the home of Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and other locations on Wednesday, but the details of such warrants are unclear.

Southern California mudslides damage homes, carry away cars

Mudslides in Southern California have damaged homes and carried away cars. Residents in the area are prompted to evacuate as cleanup efforts are underway.

California high school football coach shot after breaking up fight: police

A Bay Area high school coach was reportedly shot after breaking up a fight outside of Vallejo High School in California, police say. The victim suffered non-life-threatening wounds.

Northern California hit by 4.4 magnitude earthquake; no major damage reported

Northern California was rocked by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake Tuesday night. Police in Santa Rosa said no major damage was reported and no one was seriously injured.

San Bernardino ends decade-long bankruptcy status

San Bernardino finally closes its decade-long bankruptcy case. The Southern California city now has a budget surplus compared to its $45 million budget shortfall in 2012.

Suspect accused of beheading ex-girlfriend with sword believed to be US citizen

Jose Solano Landaeta, accused of beheading his ex-girlfriend with a sword, is believed to be a U.S. citizen, following a report he's in the country illegally.

Rain, mudslides prompt evacuations in Southern California

Heavy rain and mudslides are prompting evacuations in Southern California. While the rain helped ease drought and wildfire, it is not causing dangerous mudslides.

Drunk driver crashes into 2 California Highway Patrol officers

A drunk driver crashed into two Highway Patrol officers in Fairfield, California. One officer sustained major injuries and had to be airlifted to a trauma center.

Fire destroys historic church in Los Angeles, arson investigation under way

A fired destroyed the Victory Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California. An arson team is currently investigating the cause of the fire that destroyed the historic church.

Gavin Newsom signs $25 million Berkeley Journalism fellowship program into state budget

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a budget that includes a $25 million fellowship program to assist the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Multiple cars stuck in mudslide in California: officials

California fire officials said Monday there was a mudslide in Los Angeles County and that multiple vehicles were stuck in the mud and debris flow. Stranded drivers had to be rescued.

Mark Levin warns American life is 'completely opposite' of what Founders intended

Levin gave a grim assessment of America's current state, warning that it has become a place where powerful elites force their ideological experimentation on citizens.

2 workers killed in California freight train crash

Two Union Pacific operators were killed in a California freight train crash. They were ejected from the train after it hit parked rail cars and derailed.

2 killed in small airplane crash at Santa Monica Airport

Two people died when their single-engine airplane crashed and caught on fire at the Santa Monica Airport in California. The FAA is still investigating the incident.

Local media claim woman was beheaded by sword in Northern California

A woman was stabbed and killed in front of bystanders on the streets of California. The suspect, who had a relationship with the victim, was arrested close to the crime scene.

Fugitive 'Fat Leonard' may have left the country, US Marshals say

U.S. Marshals believe Leonard Francis, or 'Fat Leonard,' may have left the country. Francis pleaded guilty in 2015 to bribing Navy officials out of $35 million.