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Investigation links New Mexico fire to power lines downed by tree

A falling tree started a fire in New Mexico, which destroyed 200 homes and killed an elderly couple. Wind gusts over 80 miles per hour blew the tree into an electric line.

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Fire at Coptic Church in Egypt kills dozens, mostly children: report

Two security sources told Reuters that the fire at the Abu Sefein church in Cairo's Imbaba neighborhood killed mostly children. Officials said at least 41 people were killed.

Pennsylvania fire killed 10 victims, funerals for the victims begin this week

A Pennsylvania house fire killed 10 people due to smoke inhalation. On Friday, the first two funerals begin for some of the victims. More funerals are scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

Indiana explosion kills 3 people, cause still unknown

A southern Indiana house explosion killed three people and sent another to the hospital. Investigators are still searching for the cause of the explosion.

Indiana explosion injures at least 2 people

An explosion in Evansville, Indiana, injured two people and damaged at least one home. The explosion occurred around 1 p.m. on Wednesday according to police.

Massive warehouse blaze in Illinois is even visible on radar

Police are telling residents to shelter in place as a massive warehouse burns in Madison, Illinois. Police have not announced any injuries nor the cause of the fire.

Anne Heche's best friend and son visit her at hospital, provide insight into day of crash

Exclusive photos and video of Anne Heche's son Homer and best friend Heather Duffy show the two hugging outside the hospital where Heche remains in a coma. Duffy provided updates on her friend.

Doorbell camera video captures Anne Heche's car speeding moments before crash

New video obtained shows Anne Heche moments before she crashed into a Mar Vista home, which subsequently went up in flames and left the actress with severe burns. Blink and you might miss the actress speeding.

Anne Heche's relationship with Ellen DeGeneres: A look back

After crashing her car into a home last week, Anne Heche's relationship with Ellen DeGeneres is being re-examined, and while the relationship seemed rosy, it wasn't as perfect as it seemed.

At least 121 injured as firefighters battle vast blaze at Cuban oil facility

Cuban firefighters were joined by special teams sent by Mexico and Venezuela on Sunday as they battled for a second day to control a fire blazing at a big oil tank farm in the western province of Matanzas.

Fire at Cuban oil facility leaves 1 dead, 121 injured: officials

A fire at a Cuban oil storage facility killed one person, injured 121 people and left 17 firefighters missing. About 800 people were evacuated from the closest neighborhood.

Seattle houseboat fire: Massive flames sparked on Lake Union, video shows

A fire erupted on Lake Union in Washington state Friday night. It is not immediately clear what started the fire, which witnesses say affected a building and several boats.

Washington fire burns structures in Spokane

A fire outside of Spokane, Washington has burned at least two structures. Dozens of homes in the area were told to evacuate by authorities.

California wildfire wipes out scenic hamlet by Klamath River

Klamath River, California, has been wiped out by the deadly wildfires ripping through the state. Although rain helped calm the fire, it is still a hazard to California.

Nebraska fire crews hope for rain as they continue to battle fires

A Nebraska wildfire that has destroyed homes in the area has caused firefighters to pray for rain, however, they are fearing lighting could make matters worse.

North Texas wildfire ignited by glass bottle

A 500-acre Texas wildfire that destroyed five homes was ignited by a glass bottle in an open garbage can. A wind gust blew the trash can lid off exposing the trash to the sun.

Yosemite forest fire destroys 116 California homes, other structures

A wildfire in Yosemite National park has destroyed 116 homes and other structures in the area. The Oak Fire in Mariposa County has charred 29 square miles of trees.

Yosemite crews have been making progress against forest fire in California

California firefighter crews have been making progress against the huge fire that has been burning in Yosemite for the past weeks. The fire has destroyed 41 homes and other buildings.

Arkansas house fire kills 4 kids, 2 adults

Four children and two adults died in a house fire in northwestern Arkansas. One child was able to escape. Deputies are investigating the cause of the fire.

2 dead in suspicious Missouri apartment complex fire, officials say

Investigators in Kansas City, Missouri, believe a fire that killed two people at Vivion Oaks Apartments early Saturday was set on purpose, authorities said.

Hundreds evacuated as Greece battles 4 massive wildfires

Greek authorities have evacuated more than 450 people from homes and resorts as four major fires continue to spread across the country's mainland and the island of Lesbos.

Cause unknown in Indiana fire that killed four children

The cause of an Indiana house fire that killed four children has yet to be revealed. Investigators know that the fire was started around a recliner, but do not know what sparked it.