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Royal photographer shares sweet story behind Queen Elizabeth II's photoshoot

Royal photographer Ranald Mackechnie shared a sweet encounter he had with Queen Elizabeth II while snapping the portrait shared on the eve of her funeral.

Reporter’s Notebook: 'Seeing' the Queen … one last time

Fox News' Greg Palkot pays his respects to Queen Elizabeth II as she lies in state at Westminster Hall, standing in line and engaging in the emotional experience with other visitors and mourners.

Biden arrives in UK for queen's funeral; Liz Truss meeting postponed

President Joe Biden arrived in London on Saturday to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II at her funeral and to attend a formal state reception hosted by King Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II's queue in 14 hours

Strangers turned into family while thousands spent hours together in the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II lying-in-state in London at Westminster Hall.

Queen Elizabeth's funeral to delay formal rollout of House GOP agenda

Queen Elizabeth II's death is impacting American politics. House Republicans will delay the rollout of their agenda for the November election to avoid a conflict with her funeral.

Following Queen Elizabeth II's death, Jurgen Klopp urges Liverpool fans to respect mourning period

Manager Jurgen Klopp wishes Liverpool's fans will show respect after the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. Liverpool is set to take on Ajax in a Champions League match Tuesday.

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral forces 3 more EPL matches to be rescheduled

Three more EPL games were postponed to later dates after the league decided to give the days following up to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral time to honor the queen.

What is the role of the royal family? A brief history of the House of Windsor

The House of Windsor became the ruling royal family of the United Kingdom over a century ago, following the death of Queen Victoria. King Charles III ascended the throne upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on Sept. 8, 2022.

Trey Gowdy says Queen Elizabeth II was a 'friend to the United States'

Trey Gowdy praised the remarkable life of Queen Elizabeth II following the news of her death on Thursday during his monologue on "Sunday Night in America."

Queen Elizabeth II broke tradition after 9/11 terror attacks to show solidarity with US

Queen Elizabeth broke with tradition to show her support for the U.S. after the 9/11 terror attacks. She ordered that "The Star-Spangled Banner" be played during the Changing of the Guards.

Trump says spending time with Queen Elizabeth II was an 'extraordinary' honor

Former President Donald Trump wrote an op-ed on Saturday in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, writing that meeting her was one of the most β€œextraordinary honors of my life."

Liberals blast 'colonialism' after Queen Elizabeth's death: 'Murder, exploitation, theft'

Several verified Twitter users reacted to news of Queen Elizabeth by condemning her 70-year tenure on the throne and blaming "colonialism" for various atrocities in history.

See the most historic Royal moments of King Charles' accession and public proclamations

Saturday's events included the former Prince of Wales becoming King Charles III, the official proclamation of Britain's new monarch, and The Prince and Princess of Wales and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex greeting well-wishers at Windsor Castle.

Stephen Miller blasts the Left's attacks on Queen Elizabeth's reign

Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller sounded off on some of the Left's hateful remarks toward Queen Elizabeth II following her death on "Jesse Watters Primetime."

World mourns Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, who was the longest-reigning British monarch, died at 96 years old. While the U.K. is mourning, Elizabeth’s death is also observed around the world.