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Pope Francis: The Elderly ‘Possess the Wisdom of Dying’

Pope Francis reiterated his appeal for an intergenerational alliance between young and old Wednesday, insisting the elderly “possess the wisdom of dying.”
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Vatican Questionnaire Offers Non-Binary Gender Option

A new Vatican questionnaire offers respondents a third option when declaring their sex, namely: male, female, and other.

Gunmen Kidnap Catholic Priest in Nigeria, Demand $120K Ransom

A band of unidentified gunmen have kidnapped a Catholic priest along with a seminarian in southern Nigeria, demanding a ransom of $120,000 for their release.

The Atlantic Compares Catholic Rosary to Assault Weapon

The Atlantic has likened the rosary to an AR-15 assault weapon in an incendiary attack Sunday on conservative Catholics.

50,000 March in Protest Against Pride Parade in Belgrade, Serbia

Some fifty thousand protesters took to the streets of the Serbian capital of Belgrade on Sunday, calling for the cancellation of an upcoming EuroPride event scheduled for September 12-18.

Ukrainian Archbishop: ‘We Know That the Lord God Is on Our Side’

Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk declared Saturday that God is on the side of the Ukrainians since he always supports the “unjustly aggrieved.”

Ukrainian Archbishop: Russia Brings ‘Death, Destruction, Tears, and Grief’

Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk continued his protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Friday, condemning Russia’s thinly veiled threat to bomb a nuclear power plant.

Rome Bank Heist Thwarted by Tunnel Collapse

Plans for an alleged bank heist in Rome were thwarted this week when the tunnel being dug to the bank vault collapsed, leaving one of the would-be thieves buried for hours, Italian media report.

Woke NPR Refers to Killing an Unborn Child as 'Aborting a Pregnancy’

National Public Radio (NPR) is now resorting to the euphemism of “aborting a pregnancy” rather than speak of aborting a fetus or a child.

Pope Francis Meets with Group of Transsexuals at the Vatican

Pope Francis met a group of transsexuals in the Vatican this week, the fourth such encounter just in 2022, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reports.

Vatican Taps Ex-Greenpeace Leader to Oversee Move to Zero Emissions

The Vatican has named the former president of Greenpeace Italy to oversee the transition of Saint Peter’s Basilica to zero carbon emissions, Italian media reported Monday.

Pope Francis Welcomes Ukraine Grain Shipping as ‘Sign of Hope’

Pope Francis pointed to the departure of ships filled with grain from Ukrainian ports as fruit of dialogue and a sign of hope Sunday.

Ukrainian Archbishop Decries Russia’s ‘Sacrilegious War’ on Ukraine

Ukraine is weeping and bleeding due to its “unequal battle with the Russian occupier,” declared Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk in a video message Friday.

Nicaragua Launches Investigation into Catholic Prelates for ‘Destabilization’

The Nicaraguan National Police announced Friday it has opened an investigation into Catholic leaders for allegedly inciting violent acts with the intent of destabilizing the country.

Alarmists: ‘Climate Change Is Literally Making the Earth Spin Faster’

Climate change alarmists are now blaming global warming for making the earth “spin faster” in their latest effort to convince people to lessen their output of carbon dioxide.

Pope Francis: Colonization Was ‘Genocide’ Against Native Americans

The colonization of the Americas by the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese constituted “genocide,” Pope Francis told reporters during his flight back from Canada on Friday.

U.S. Bishops Slam New HHS Regulations Affecting Gender Reassignment

The U.S. bishops’ conference (USCCB) warned this week that new HHS regulations mandating harmful surgical procedures are “a violation of religious freedom and bad medicine.”

Indigenous Canadians Ask Pope Francis to ‘Show Me the Money’ After Papal Apology

A major organization of Inuit native Canadians has insisted that Pope Francis’ apology was insufficient, calling on the Catholic Church to pony up monetary reparations.

Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness for ‘Evil’ Committed Against Indigenous Canadians

Pope Francis held his first meeting with indigenous peoples of Canada on Monday, in which he repeatedly apologized for the sins and evil committed by Christians against the native population.

Ukrainian Archbishop Denounces Russian ‘Treachery’ in Attack on Grain Stores

Ukrainian Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk condemned Russia’s “cynicism” and “treachery” Sunday following missile attacks targeting Ukraine’s grain reserves.

Pope Francis Demotes Status of Conservative Opus Dei Group

Pope Francis has demoted the leader of the conservative Opus Dei group from bishop to priest, revoking the structure ordained by Saint John Paul II.

Vatican Cardinal Calls for ‘Immediate’ End to New Fossil Fuels

“All new exploration and production of coal, oil, and gas must immediately end, and existing production of fossil fuels must be urgently phased out,” declared Jesuit Cardinal Michael Czerny Thursday.

Vatican Has ‘Very Positive Relationship’ with Biden Administration, Top Official Says

The Vatican’s foreign minister said that the Holy See has a much better relationship with the Biden administration than it did with “the previous administration” in an interview published Wednesday.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Deletes Pro-Life Programs from State Budget

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) used her line veto power Wednesday to eliminate state support for adoption agencies, pregnancy facilities, and maternity homes proposed as alternatives to abortion.

Vatican Chief: Pope Francis Is ‘Very Committed to Multilateralism’

The Vatican’s foreign minister said that Pope Francis is “very committed to multilateralism” and “believes in the multilateral system,” in an interview published Monday.

U.S. Bishops Declare Abortion ‘the Antithesis of Healthcare’

Aborting unborn children is the opposite of healthcare, the U.S. Bishops declared Monday in a statement condemning the Women’s Health Protection Act as “the most unjust and extreme” abortion bill our nation has ever seen.

Alarmists: ‘We Know that Global Warming Is the Cause’ of Summer Heatwaves

Climate change alarmists are no longer hedging their claims about global warming with conditionals, but now assert with confidence that human-induced climate change is without doubt the cause of summer heatwaves.