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Chicago hit-and-run leaves three dead, one injured

A Chicago hit-and-run crash on early Sunday morning left three people dead and one other person injured in the city's South Shore neighborhood.

Chicago 16-year-old killed in shooting on city's South Side

A teenager in Chicago was killed during a shooting on the city's South Side on early Sunday morning, according to police. Another man was also injured.

Kate Bedingfield no longer leaving White House communications role

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tweeted on Friday that she is no longer leaving her job at the White House, as she previously intended.

Border Patrol agents arrest three Americans accused of smuggling Mexicans

Agents with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency arrested three U.S. citizens over the weekend who were charged with human smuggling.

American tourists in Mexico attacked by crocodile

Two American tourists were injured while vacationing in Mexico during a crocodile attack and taken to a local hospital, according to local officials.

Heat wave responsible for multiple deaths across US

The U.S. heatwave reaching much of the nation could be responsible for at least 20 deaths as temperatures soar past 100 degrees, according to local reports.

Texas wind turbine turbine catches fire after lightning strike

A Texas wind turbine caught on fire on Friday after reportedly being struck by lightning, according to someone who was working in the area and recorded the incident.

Iranian women protest government treatment of females by removing hijab

Women across Iran engaged in a protest earlier in July, walking in public places without wearing a hijab, which is illegal since the Islamic revolution.

HHS creates new pandemic response division: report

The Biden administration is planning to create an independent division that would be tasked with leading pandemic responses, according to the Washington Post.