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20 dead in Nagorno-Karabakh in explosion at gas station crowded with residents fleeing to Armenia

At least two dozen people have died in a gas station explosion as thousands of residents flee Nagorno-Karabakh upon news that Azerbaijan is reclaiming control of the breakaway region.

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Poland's foreign minister accuses Germany of interference over visa allegations

Poland's foreign minister accused Germany of meddling in country's internal affairs after chancellor urged Poland to clarify allegations of Polish consulates in Africa and Asia selling temporary work visas to migrants for substantial sums.

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Singapore police investigating money laundering scheme uncover more gold bars, luxury watches

More assets such as gold bars and watches have been seized by the authorities in Singapore, where a group of foreign nationals are being investigated in a money laundering scheme.

Monkey mayhem as wild animals wreak havoc in supermarket raid: video

Thailand has faced a growing problem with its monkey population especially since the COVID lockdowns. Gangs of monkeys have been seen stealing food from stores, fighting among themselves and even causing harm to people.

Southeast Asia holds 1st joint naval exercise as Beijing increases assertiveness in South China Sea

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has begun conducting a joint maritime exercise in a move many consider as a response to Beijing increasing military presence in the South China Sea.

Death toll of Vietnam’s 9-story apartment building fire climbs to 56

The fire that broke out at a nine-story apartment building in the capital of Hanoi, Vietnam, has caused at least 56 deaths. Only 39 of the victims have been identified so far.

10 dead in Vietnam after fire burns 9-story apartment building

A fire erupted Wednesday at a nine-story apartment building in the capital of Hanoi, Vietnam. At least 10 out of 150 residents died from the blaze, including four children.

Aung San Suu Kyi's health a concern amidst prison conditions and denial of treatment

Burma's detained former leader is experiencing low blood pressure symptoms. However, she has been denied access to medical treatment at qualified facilities outside the prison system.

Fiji is deporting 6 leaders of South Korean sect that built business empire in the island country

Fijian authorities initiated deportation for six South Korean religious group leaders at an organization known as the Grace Road Church. The sect relocated to Fiji approximately a decade ago.

Australian police allege a man killed work colleague before shooting himself

A man, accused of fatally shooting a coworker at an Australian grain silo on Thursday, is now in critical condition after turning the firearm on himself, according to authorities.

US extends tariff exclusions on some Chinese import categories through end of 2023

Trade Representative Katherine Tai's office has announced an extension of tariff exclusions for 352 categories of Chinese imports, as well as 77 categories related to COVID-19.

Japan sees signs of turning point in decades-long battle with deflation

Japan's prolonged struggle against deflation may be reaching a pivotal moment, with both rising prices and wages indicating a potential shift, according to the government on Tuesday.

China extends tax breaks for foreign workers until 2027

China is set to prolong tax policies for foreign individuals employed within the country until the conclusion of 2027, according to a statement from the finance ministry on Tuesday.

Japanese financial regulator to monitor BOJ amid shifting central bank policies

Japan's financial regulator will maintain a close watch on the impact of central bank policies on regional banks as the nation moves towards normalizing its monetary strategies.