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Ethiopia calls WHO chief's comments on Tigray "unethical"

World Health Organization director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the color of their skin is the reason why the crisis in Tigray, Ethiopia's has not gotten global attention.

Nigeria: Muslims shoot their way into church, fire indiscriminately, murder 20 Christians in two jihad attacks

Nigeria: Muslims shoot their way into church, fire indiscriminately, murder 20 Christians in two jihad attacks
Note that β€œwhile ISWAP has long carried out assaults in northeastern Nigeria, the Islamic extremists had not been active in Taraba until” April. Now they’ve struck in Taraba yet again. The jihad expands its scope and steadily advances as the world yawns and wrings its hands about β€œIslamophobia.” β€œTerrorists Kill More than 20 Christians in […]

Report: U.N. Staff Impregnated Girls as Young as 10 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Peacekeepers and other personnel employed by the United Nations (U.N.) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since 2018 have allegedly impregnated at least 60 different local girls and women during their times of service in the troubled country, with the youngest accuser alleging she was just ten years old when she was impregnated by a U.N. staff member,Β the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported on Monday, citing an original studyΒ by the University of Birmingham published by the media outlet The Conversation last week.
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Zimbabwe: Measles Outbreak Kills at Least 157 Children

Zimbabwe's latest outbreak of measles β€” an infectious viral disease that typically occurs during childhood β€” has killed at least 157 children in the country in recent weeks and caused more than 2,000 cases of the disease nationwide, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Tuesday.

US drone strike kills 13 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia

An American drone strike in Somalia killed 13 members of the terrorist organization al-Shabab, the U.S. military confirmed, stating no civilians appeared to have been hurt.

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Putin Offers β€˜Most Modern’ Weapons to Allied Socialists in Latin America

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Russia is ready to provide the β€œmost advanced types of weapons” to its allied nations, including the socialist regimes in Latin America, in a move to expand Russia’s arms trade with its allies.

Zimbabwe Blames Apostolic Sect Gatherings for Deadly Measles Outbreak

Zimbabwe's government last week blamed recent gatherings by members of the country's various Apostolic sects for an ongoing outbreak of measles that has killed 80 children nationwide since April, Reuters reported on Sunday.

Gunmen Kidnap Catholic Priest in Nigeria, Demand $120K Ransom

A band of unidentified gunmen have kidnapped a Catholic priest along with a seminarian in southern Nigeria, demanding a ransom of $120,000 for their release.

Africa CDC looking to obtain monkeypox vaccines as virus spreads

Africa's public health agency is concerned about the fact that they have no monkeypox vaccine's in the continent even though their are 1.3 billion people.

South Africa: 21 of 81 Suspects in Gang Rape ID'd as Children, Most Illegal Mozambique Migrants

South African authorities charged 14 men with rape this week in connection with the brutal gang rape of eight women at an abandoned mine near Krugersdorp on July 28, the South African news channel Newzroom Afrika reported on Thursday, noting that the "majority" of the suspects charged with rape on Thursday are illegal migrants "from Mozambique."

Anti-China Candidate Ruto Appears to Lead Tight Kenyan Presidential Race

Early vote tallies in Kenya on Wednesday appeared to show a small lead for current Deputy President William Ruto, an outspoken critic of China's growing influence in the country.

Top South African Diplomat Lectures Antony Blinken on 'Bullying' from Europe

South African International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor lectured American counterpart Antony Blinken on Western nations "bullying" the continent and denounced democratic states seeking "to teach a country" how to be free in remarks highlighted by the news portal All Africa on Wednesday.

Pollak: DOJ Tactics in Trump Raid Are the Reason My Family Left South Africa

The DOJ, the Democrats, and the media who egg them on are turning America into the kind of place that people leave in search of liberty.

Polish national security reports African migrant surge trying to cross into EU via Polish-Belarusian border

Polish national security reports African migrant surge trying to cross into EU via Polish-Belarusian border
Despite Poland’s current crisis with Russia and Belarus, the EU has done little to help it stem the flow of illegal migrants from the East, heedless of the impact on Polish citizens, both economically and in terms of security. The Muslim migrant surge began with the Syrian civil war in 2011, and reached its height […]

What Food Crisis? Blundering EU Leaves Millions of South African Oranges Rotting in Port

(AFP) – Millions of boxes of oranges are spoiling in containers stranded at European ports as South Africa and the European Union lock horns in a dispute over import rules, citrus growers have said.

South Africans Wielding Machetes Attack Illegal Miners over Gang Rape

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday condemned acts of "mob justice" perpetrated by South Africans against illegal miners this week in response to the brutal gang rape of eight women by suspected illegal miners last week at an abandoned mine near Krugersdorp, South Africa, eNews Channel Africa (eNCA) reported.

Blinken flies into 'superpower' battleground in Africa

Secretary of State Antony Blinken flies to Africa this weekend, days after his Russian counterpart swept through the continent. Both are vying for support over the war in Ukraine.

Somalia Appoints al-Qaeda Offshoot's Ex-Deputy Chief as Religion Minister

Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre appointed Mukhtar Robow β€” a former deputy chief of al-Shabaab, which is a Somali branch of the international jihadist terror organization al-Qaeda β€” as Somalia's new religion minister on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

Sudan detects first case of monkeypox in the conflict-wrecked Darfur region

Sudan has detected the first official case of monkeypox in the country. The case comes in the conflict-wrecked Darfur region. The positive case came from a 16-year-old student.

Congo Expels U.N. Spokesman After Protests Against Peacekeepers

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Wednesday expelled Mathias Gillmann, spokesman for the United Nations peacekeeping mission. The move followed a week of intense protests against the U.N. that resulted in 36 deaths, including four peacekeepers.

South Africa: 82 Men Arrested over Gang Rape of Music Video Models at Abandoned Mine

A group of men and "young boys"Β gang rapedΒ eight women aged 19 to 37 years old at an abandoned mine near Krugersdorp, South Africa, last week, South Africa's Sunday Times reported.

Kenya Threatens to Ban Facebook over 'Hate Speech'

A Kenyan government agency threatened Facebook with a suspension last week if it did not promptly remove advertisements that allegedly breached Kenyan hate speech laws ahead of a Kenyan general election on August 9, though Kenyan government ministers said on Monday that such a suspension would not occur, Voice of America (VOA) reported.

Tunisia Adopts Constitution with 'Unchecked' Presidential Powers

TunisiansΒ voted in favor of a new constitution this week that will grant the North African nation's president, Kais Saied, "unchecked powers," Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Tuesday, noting that voter turnout in the referendum was "poor," as 30.5 percent of eligible voters participated.

Largest pink diamond in 300 years discovered in Angola

A large pink diamond, believed to be the largest pink diamond found in 300 years, was discovered at a mine in Angola on Wednesday.

At least 5 killed as anti-UN protests flare in east Congo

An estimated 5 people were killed and 50 wounded after a second day of anti-United Nations protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo city of Goma.

Liberia celebrates founding, independence amid struggles with poverty and corruption

Liberia is celebrating the anniversaries of its founding and independence from the United States this year as much as the country struggles with extreme poverty.

As World Fears Large-Scale Power Shortages, Zambia Boasts Electricity Surplus

Zambia’s state-owned electricity company ZESCO said this week it had produced a surplus of energy for Zambia of about 1,156 MW, the online newspaper New Zimbabwe reported Friday.

Kenyan Presidential Candidate Vows to Expose China Deals, Deport Chinese Illegal Aliens

Kenyan presidential hopeful William Ruto promised on Wednesday that if elected, he will make all Kenyan government contracts with China public, and move aggressively to deport Chinese nationals working illegally in Kenya.

Caster Semenya finishes in 13th place in the 5,000 meters at world championships, does not advance

Semenya cannot compete in her best race (800 meters) becase Semenya is intersex condition that makers her ineligible to compete in any competition between 400 meters and a mile.

NAAGA President Tells Senate Judiciary Committee 21st Century Gun Control is a Redo of 19th Century 'Black Codes'

National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) president Philip T. Smith spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday and told them that 21st century gun control is a throwback to 19th century "black codes."

Stranded Afghan Refugees Protest for U.S. Visas in Madagascar

Several Afghan refugees living in Madagascar staged a demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in Antananarivo, the African island nation's capital, on Monday to protest what they described as stalled efforts by the embassy to process their refugee visa applications, Al Jazeera reported.

Malawi Charges Chinese Creator of Racist Videos with Human Trafficking

The government of Malawi charged Lu Ke, a 26-year-old Chinese national, with human trafficking on Monday. Lu became globally infamous last month for producing and selling videos of African children unwittingly singing racist songs in Chinese.