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Nebraska child dead from suspected brain-eating amoeba

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services said it suspects a resident is the first person in the state's history to die from a brain-eating amoeba.

US sets aside 50,000 monkeypox vaccines for gay pride events

An extra 50,000 monkeypox vaccines have been set aside for gay pride events. Officials say 98% of monkeypox cases occur in men and 93% occur in men who recently had sex with another man.

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CDC shakeup announcement roasted on Twitter: 'I have an idea...prison sentences'

The CDC faced online backlash after announcing on Wednesday that it is planning β€œsweeping reorganization” to regain the public’s trust after the coronavirus.

NFL returning to normal ahead of 3rd season in COVID-19 era

Many of the protocols which changed the NFL during the pandemic are being removed. It is starting to look like the NFL is essentially going back to normal.

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Check your medicine cabinet! How to find recalled drugs

Drug recalls can be unexpected but are necessary to pay attention to. Here's how to check your medications the medicine isn't expired and is still effective.

Atlanta's public schools launching new program to give students access to telehealth

Atlanta's public schools are launching a new program that will provide telehealth services to students. The program targets Georgia students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Hearing aids to be available without prescription after FDA rule

The FDA issued a final rule creating a new category of hearing aids that will be made available over the counter, without a need for a prescription or medical exam.

China begins discouraging abortions and promoting fertility treatment as birth rate plummets

China's one-child policy of 35 years has led to the nation having one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Beijing is now discouraging abortion and subsidizing fertility treatment.

West Virginia to provide free COVID-19 vaccines, tests at schools

West Virginia's health agency plans to offer free COVID-19 vaccines and tests at community events and schools. Sixteen different vans will offer these services across West Virginia.

Bill Gates and South Korean president discuss expanding global health partnership

Bill Gates and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeo met earlier this week to discuss expanding their global health partnership, with Gates calling for Seoul to increase aid.

First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19

First Lady Jill Biden has tested positive for the coronavirus after she began to develop β€œcold-like symptoms” late Monday night, her office has announced.

UK to offer all adults COVID booster beginning in September

The UK has announced that they plan of offering COVID-19 boosters to all adults starting in September, hours after becoming the first nation to approve an omicron-resistant shot.

Moderna's updated COVID vaccine approved by British regulators

Moderna's updated COVID-19 vaccine has been approved by British drug regulators. Britain is the first nation to approve the updated vaccine.

EU considering combined COVID vaccine approval, according to German health minister

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced on Friday that the EU is considering approving a combined COVID vaccine that would protect against the original strain and omicron.

Dog infected with monkeypox after sharing bed, licking owners

A dog owned by a French gay couple has been infected with monkeypox. The dog had shared a bed with the two men, both of whom also contracted the virus.

CBS pushes study blaming climate change for rising childhood obesity rates

β€œCBS Mornings” promoted a study on Thursday that claimed climate change and hotter temperatures are to blame for rising childhood obesity rates and weight gain.

Parents feeling the strain of special education teacher shortage

In 2019, 43 states reported a shortage in special ed teachers. Now, it's 48. A lot of teachers left because of the pandemic. That made it tougher on teachers who remained.

WHO to rename monkeypox to avoid discrimination and stigmatization

The World Health Organization will rename the increasingly spreading monkeypox virus after concerned that the name could be discriminatory and stigmatizing.

Michigan boil water advisory affects over 930K, includes Flint

Precautionary boil water advisories have been issued for more than 900,000 Michigan residents after a water main break at a Great Lakes Water Authority facility.

Creighton University students' COVID-19 vaccine mandate appeal dismissed

An appeal to be exempt by Creighton University's vaccine mandate has been dismissed by the Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday. Students claimed religious beliefs prevented them from being vaccinated.

Florida bans Medicaid use on gender-affirming treatments

Florida is joining several other states in finalizing rules that prevent health care providers from billing Medicaid for gender-affirming medical treatments.

Equine therapy helping children with cerebral palsy from low-income families in Caracas

Equine therapy, which incorporates guided horseback, is helping children from low-income families in Caracas, Venezuela, who are suffering from cerebral palsy.

Polio found in NYC wastewater, officials say

New York state and New York City health officials said Friday that poliovirus had been found in Big Apple wastewater samples. The findings suggest local circulation.

Africa CDC looking to obtain monkeypox vaccines as virus spreads

Africa's public health agency is concerned about the fact that they have no monkeypox vaccine's in the continent even though their are 1.3 billion people.

Anne Heche, 'kept on life support,' always wanted to be an organ donor

Actress Anne Heche, who remains in a coma as of now, wished to be an organ donor, her rep said. Here's what to know about organ donation and transplants in the U.S.

CDC eases COVID guidance in shift of approach

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday loosened many of its recommendations for battling COVID-19, reflecting a shift in guidelines.

With bird flu on the rise, Germany set to slaughter 110,000 hens

As bird flu spreads across the globe, Germany is set to slaughter 110,000 hens across 352 farms in the Vechta region which is experiencing an outbreak of the virus.

Fauci blasted for joke that he created COVID-19 in his kitchen: 'Tone deaf'

Dr. Anthony Fauci was widely panned by conservatives on social media after joking while receiving an award in Seattle that he created COVID-19 in his kitchen.

Spain proposes 'dose-sparing' for monkeypox vaccine due to low supply and rising cases

Monkeypox cases in Spain continue to rise, while their supply of vaccines is dwindling. Spain proposes "dose-sparing" to vaccinate more people with fewer doses.

West Virginia's David Roach will be the next superintendent of schools

West Virginia Board of Education has selected David Roach to become the next state superintendent of schools. He was previously a superintendent for multiple WV counties.

Bali added to Indonesia's priority list for hand, foot and mouth disease as cases surge

Indonesia has added Bali, the popular tourist destination, to its priority list for hand, foot and mouth disease as cases rise and livestock is forced to be slaughtered in the nation.

Less than 1 in 3 hepatitis C patients with health insurance are getting the cure

Fewer than 1 in 3 insured hepatitis C patients are getting treatment for the virus. This could be due to the fact that the medication, Epclusa, can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Global COVID update: Are we out the woods yet?

The COVID-19 remains active around globe, but economic activity is beginning to stabilize. Here is a global update on the state of the COVID pandemic.

Here is the global state of monkeypox: Summer 2022

Monkeypox continues to spread around the globe and become more of a cause for concern. Here is an update on how the virus is effecting different parts of the world.

Polio vaccine campaign underway in London as the virus spreads in the city

Children under 10 living in London are being urged to get a polio vaccine booster as the virus is confirmed to be spreading in the capital for the first time since the 1980s.

India to begin 'mix and match' COVID booster vaccines this week

India announced on Wednesday that the country will begin offering Biological E's COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax, which can be paired with both of the country's available vaccines.

Indiana test scores reveal reading levels remain below pre-pandemic results

Indiana tests scores have improved from last year, but, still trail pre-pandemic test results. Nearly one in five student's have not mastered foundational reading skills by 3rd grade.

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams tests positive for COVID-19

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams announced Wednesday that she has tested positive for COVID-19. She said she had tested negative on Tuesday.

Tennessee's Northeast State Community College hires new president

Northeast State Community College has elected Jeff McCord to become the college's next president. Connie Marshall is the college's current interim president.

Drugmaker Gilead Sciences pledges $5 million to educate LGBTQ+ community on monkeypox

Pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc. has committed $5 million dollars to assist a coalition of LGBTQ+ advocacy groups in helping educate the LBGTQ+ community on monkeypox.

Oregon jails share personal information of hundreds of inmates

Multnomah County jails shared the medical information belonging to 350 inmates. Names, birth dates, and photos as well as medical information was released.

Ashton Kutcher's vasculitis, a rare autoimmune disorder: What is it?

Actor Ashton Kutcher disclosed a recent bout with an autoimmune condition that affected his hearing, vision and ability to walk. Here's more about vasculitis β€” and how it affects the blood vessels.

Monkeypox in America: Who's at risk and why?

The Biden administration declared monkeypox a public health emergency in the United States last week, but who's at most risk and how is this virus spreading?

Monkeypox vaccine campaign rolls out in Italy

Italy begins its vaccine campaign against monkeypox this week as the virus continues to spread around the globe. The vaccine being used is Jynneos (MVA-BN), a smallpox vaccine.

Kansas splash pad linked to dozens of gastrointestinal illnesses, CDC says

Health officials said dozens of people who visited Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas, last year suffered gastrointestinal illnesses linked to the park's splash pad.

Ohio medical student dies during 102-mile bike ride for cancer research

An Ohio State medical student collapsed and died during an annual cancer research bike ride. 27-year-old Mason Fisher made it to the 100-mile mark of his 102-mile ride.

UK officials believe monkeypox outbreak may be peaking

British health officials have been monitoring the monkeypox outbreak in the country. They believe the virus has peaked and numbers will begin to decline.

Summer 2022: Here is the global state of COVID

A worldwide update on the spread of coronavirus covering Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Middle East And Africa, medical developments and economic impact.

Lightning strike safety β€” what to do, how to keep yourself safe

Two people died after they were struck by lightning outside the White House in Washington, D.C., this week. Here are tips for staying safe in storms when thunder and lightning are present.